Homemade Birthday Porn is So Hot!

Having birthday sex is so memorable. My husband loves making a big deal for my birthdays. This year we are doing Homemade Birthday Sex Porn with some of our friends. Honestly, I believe it is his way of getting to have sex with Lisa and Jenny. Of course, he invited Brad for me, so it is all good. Brad’s dick is so big you can see the outline of it through his swim trunks.

All of us girls love it when he comes to the swim parties. Every one of us has fantasies about fucking him. Therefore, I know this night is going to be epic! We haven’t decided if we are posting the video to any websites yet. I am hoping we do, I love the idea of all those people watching me having sex! How awesome is that?!

I think it should be my decision since it is my Homemade Birthday Sex Porn.

It is great being able to share all the naughty fun I have with my callers during my MILF Phone Sex.  I get into so many kinky things, all my guys love cumming to the stories.  Of course, I don’t have many limits. That means, no matter how naughty or dark your fantasies are, I am ready and willing to play them out. Extreme role-play is one of my favorite things.

My husband also loves how kinky I am. How many guys get a girl that is excited to have homemade birthday sex porn as her birthday present? Not many! However, it is a great present for me and he knows it. We are both wild and nasty. That is why I am keeping him around. Just a few weeks ago I got off watching the Sexy Massage Therapist fucking my husband! My pussy was dripping wet!

It only makes sense we are going to share our friends for my birthday.

For the party, we have set up our house with flavored lubes and oils in all the rooms. We have blanket pallets on the floors in case we end up on the floor instead of a bed or other furniture. My husband invested in camera tripod holders that will hold our phones so he has them in multiple rooms to get all the action. He is making sure our homemade birthday sex porn night is perfect. It is tonight and everyone is starting to arrive.

We are all giddy with excitement as we start making out. First, it is me with Lisa and my husband. Jenny and Brad are making out in a chair. Soon, we all move to our bedroom and start undressing each other. The feeling of their hands on my body is exquisite. Lisa, Jenny, and I are ready to see Brad’s cock in person and we are not disappointed, it is enormous! Lisa quickly goes to be the first girl to suck him off.

Jenny and I are happy to go down on my husband.

Lisa and Jenny are with my husband and I am with Brad. The girls are doing a “69” as my husband takes turns fucking each of them. Brad and I are exploring each other’s bodies at first and then we are doing a “69” as well. His dick is so big, it is hard not to gag but I make it work. Of course, I am getting turned on watching my husband with the girls.

Brad is sucking on my clit as I tell him I am cumming. I can tell it is going to get wet and sure enough, I cover his face with my juices. He is smiling as we start kissing and I lick myself off of his face. Then, he positions me on my hands and knees so he is fucking me from behind. His cock is so big it is stretching me out. I look over to see my husband watching. As Brad enters me, my husband is cumming all over the girl’s titties.


The Homemade Birthday Sex Porn continues into the wee hours and we do many more naughty things. Curious to know what that is?  Call me to find out!

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