Home Wrecking has become one of the things I enjoy so much! It all started when I realized that, that was exactly what I was doing to that stupid lady!! By making her husband fall in love with me, and completely forget about her! You should have seen the way she took it when she found out just how naughty her husband and I were being behind her back!

There is nothing more satisfying than a lady coming home after a long day at work to find me snuggling up with her soulmate in her bed!!

She had absolutely NO idea what was going on! The look on her face was totally priceless, as she walked in asking “What the fuck is going on?” She really had no idea that this had been going on for months!!

The best part was her husband’s reaction to her, he just sat there calmly telling her that she has been replaced with a “Newer Model…”

That was a totally life-shattering moment for her, the exact moment that she learned that she was replaceable. By a Hot Young Barely Legal Home Wrecking Slut. By her Babysitter… The remarkable feeling of knowing someone a third of your age has stolen your husband from you must be indescribable. I know the feeling of achieving such a feat is beyond amazing. Knowing that you can make any man fall madly in love with you, with only a few sweet words whispered through the phone.

Do you dare brave the waters? Dare to call me and let my sweet cotton candy voice lull you into a deep fulfilling trance? Things that awful woman you live with that no longer lets you touch her can give you… Let me be your light at the end of the tunnel, the breath of fresh air that you have been waiting for!

Let us get to know each other! I can make you feel ways you never thought possible!!! I’m a dirty girl!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke