Home For The Weekend

I wanted to go visit my family very bad this weekend. But my car is in the shop and I am low on gas money. So I asked one of my friends to take me. She was super happy to take me! Almost too happy. I told her I would bake some cupcakes and make some snacks for the road. When I showed up with the snacks she started to bounce up and down. She loves cupcakes, and I must admit I watched as her big tits bounced up and down from excitement.

So we got all packed up and were ready to go! I had on some tight yoga shorts, and a little white tank. I love to be comfy when I travel. We had about a three hour drive ahead of us. Drinking and driving is bad! So do not do it kids! *giggles*  But lets just say she brought something a little stronger than iced tea and soda. We had some big 44oz cups full of…jiggle juice. We got so hyper!

We started dancing and bouncing to music. Our perky little breasts danced along to the music too. I was super happy because I was going to my home town and I was going to get to see Bailey this weekend! If you do not know Bailey, then look her up! She works with me and her and I have some of the best 2-girl calls! I told my sexy little friend that she has to meet Bailey! She was super happy and could not wait to meet her.

So I pulled up to Baileys house and rang the door bell. My friend and I stood there with our tops up and when Bailey answered she got a face full of boobies. We all stared giggling as she playfully flicked our nipples and said, “Get inside bitches! I have had a bottle of Moscato that I have been dying to open!” So we came in and I introduced my friend. “Bailey! This is Christina!”

I said. “Nice to meet you Christina!” She said as she grabbed her boobs. “Nice tits! Maybe I can have them in my mouth later!” She said with a wink. I have her a smack on the ass and told her to go get the drinks. She let out a cute giggle and poured us all a glass of wine.

She led us to her room. She wanted to show us how she had decorated it for Halloween. It was so cute! Then she wanted to show us her Halloween costume, so she stripped down and put it on. She was a sexy little Alice. All I could say was, “Take me to your Wonderland Bailey!” *giggles* She turned on some music and started to dance for us. I was getting so wet. I can’t resist Bailey.

When I come home all I can think about is having her sweet pussy in my mouth! We call it best friend kisses. So I reached my hand over and started to play with Christina’s pussy. I was hoping Bailey would notice and she did. She came over to the bed and started taking turns kissing Christina and me. I slipped my hand under Baileys dress and her pussy was already so wet. I could tell she was so excited to ‘see’ me.

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