rape fantasy night I won’t soon forget, I was all alone that night. I decided I was just going to have some me time.  I took a hot bath and decided to lay around naked while I let the air dry of my wet body.  I was relaxing on the couch snuggled under a blanket when there was a knock at my door.  Now, it was so late at night and my house is out further than most people venture to travel. “Who is it?” I called out to the mysterious person knocking. There was no answer, only a second knock. Pissed off and a little worried I got up to the door and opened it just a little bit. Big mistake!

The door was slammed open and the intruder forced his way inside shoving me to the ground.  “What the fuck are you doing?” I screamed out turning over onto all fours and reaching for my cell phone on my coffee table. The masked man was faster than I was. He tossed the table and phone to the other side of the room. I screamed out begging for someone to help me, but as he grabbed me by my long blonde hair and drug me to the center of my living room he let out a loud cackle. He knew all about me, had been watching me for days studying my habits, and knew no one was coming and no one could hear my screams.

He wrapped a gag in my mouth and began to ravesh my body. Tears ran down my face as I whimpered. SLAP! SLAP! He slapped me across my face hard the sting running through my entire body. He wrapped his hand around my throat and licked up the side of my face. I could not see his, the ski mask kept him hidden, but there was something familiar about his voice! “You’re my whore now Mallory,” he said chocking me with his large muscular hands.

I tried kicking and fighting him off, but as my body started to lose oxygen I began to resist less and less. He started to force fuck my tight cunt, spitting into his hand and rubbing it over my twat for an easier glide. I cried out with each thrust. He told me how he loved forcing his way into my tight puss, the more I resisted the hotter it made him. I whimpered and let him finish defiling my body. He was not happy with only my cunt either, he grabbed me by my face pulling back my hair and forcing me to look past his mask into his menacing eyes. He shoved himself into the back of my throat forcing a cock sucking rape. He told me he wanted me to taste my seed, feel his boys swimming in my stomach.

He did it too, emptied his balls into the back of my mouth. I could feel his thick cum squirting down my throat. I would like to say that this home invasion turned brutal rape session was awful. At least it was supposed to be, but I would be lying if I didn’t say he did not fulfill a hidden rape fantasy that I had stored within me.

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