My brother and I have been messing around since before I even knew what incest meant. But since he’s been away at college, we hardly ever get to spend any time together! I know he’s fucking all kinds of other girls while he’s away at school, and well: I have Davon, and all my other fuck buddies to play with! But no one does it just exactly right… except my big brother. You’ve seen ME and know that I’m sexy! My big brother is so hot it’s stupidly ridiculous! For as long as I can remember, all the girls in my class wanted to spend the night with me, in the hopes of running into my brother late at night, in their nighties and panties! I would laugh to myself, knowing that he would NEVER give any of them the time of day. What did he need THEM for, when he had his sexy little sis to fuck and play with EVERY night?

I can’t WAIT for him to come home for the holidays! He will be home on Monday! Then we will do what we always do on his first night home! Climb into MY bed together and pretend to watch old movies in our PJ’s while our hands wander under the covers! I’ll stroke that big, hard dick lovingly, like a good ‘lil sis should, and meanwhile he will slide his hand into my panties and tease that swollen clit until my pussy is all fat and juicy! We’ll tease each other that way for HOURS – until we finally hear Mom and Dad go to bed. Then it’s time for the hot brother/sister incest action to REALLY get started! He’s a gentleman. It’s always ladies first with my hot and horny big bro. He starts out by tickling me, then disappears under the covers. Within seconds I can feel his fingers pulling my panties to the side, making way for his eager tongue to slide deep inside his little sis’s creamy pussy, soaked from all that earlier teasing! I love the eager sounds he makes! Moaning into that hot little snatch while he fucks it with his expert tongue! Not even Davon can make me cum as fast and hard all over his tongue as my big brother!

Incest really IS best. At least it is in MY house, with MY big brother! I know you want to hear more. Maybe you even want to roleplay that I’m YOUR hot little sis who loves to make you cum harder than ANY other girl! I can make it happen, my sexy big brother. I KNOW I CAN! Call me.



Your Dirty Incest Slut Zoey


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