At Home With My Daddy Dom

I’ve never been shy to say I’m interested in a D/s relationship. I like pushing my limits and always opening myself to new experiences…. especially with him. When he told me he was a Daddy Dom I didn’t ask him what that meant, I wanted him to show me.

In the beginning and to this day he’s really a gentleman. He’s as curious as I am about this relationship, about me in general. He lets me talk to him about anything, especially anything sexual of course. It’s nice, you know? If I want to be tied up and called a filthy whore while I’m wearing nipple clamps, he goes straight to the drawer holding all of it. If I just want to cuddle and cry about the current stresses in my life I can do that too.

My job is simple….just to be myself. My natural ways and energy about me scream his name like an explosive orgasm. I find myself not doing anything at all and I’ve enticed so entirely that he’s ready to give me an afternoon spanking right after lunch. It’s exciting, never really knowing what to expect. I’ve never had any other Daddy Dom in my life and I couldn’t have asked for a better one, truly.

He’s rough yet compassionate, ready to fuck me in my ass and give me life-changing advice. He’s there to bruise me and leave hand prints and also to be my protector, my safe haven. I’m allowed to be whoever I want to be in his presence while still abiding by his rules, a discipline I secretly crave. I just…..lust for him. His cock is just the cherry on top of the sundae. The teasing, the domination, his every Daddy Dom way turns me on to no end….catch me for phone sex right after he’s denied my orgasm, and you’ll understand just how worked up I am all from my Daddy Dom

Incest Phone Sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke