Home Alone With My Younger Brother – Part 3

After the incident with Wes out back, I couldn’t decide if they had planned that all along or not.  For the next week, I walked around in almost nothing.  When I woke up and went into the bathroom, I would be in nothing but my bra and panties.  After my showers, I would move around the house in just my towel, which I made sure was just a little too small and gave little peeks of my ass and tits. One morning,

Ken was all alone in the living room as I walked through in my towel.  I smiled at him and said, “Good morning brother.  I leaned down to give him a little kiss on the cheek.  OOPS…My towel fell completely off when I leaned over.  I acted like it was an accident and scrambled to cover myself.  Looked up at him, seeing his mouth hanging open and his eyes glued to my chest.

I took that opportunity to ask him about it the other day.  “So, I guess you saw what Wes and I did, huh?”  “Um…Yes.” He said.  “I didn’t mean to but once I saw you both out there, I couldn’t stop watching.”  “So you liked what you saw?” I asked.  He gave a nervous laugh and just tried to blow it off.  “Well, I mean…Uh…I guess so.” He stumbled.  This was the shy brother I remembered so well.  Lucky for him, his body no longer matched that which I left two years ago.  I kneeled down in front of him between his legs, put my hands on his thighs, and looked up at him.

“There is no need to be nervous, brother.” I smiled at him.

“It’s only natural, after all.  You are a guy; of course, you’re going to like watching that.”  I started to rub his thighs to get him to relax a little.  “You know, little brother, you have changed a lot since I left.  I can’t believe how grown up you look now.  You really are pretty hot.” I said.  He started to blush but looked back at me and said, “You look amazing Brooke.  I just can’t stop looking at you.”

I smiled at him and reached up to undo his pants, freeing his now rock-hard cock.  “Wow, it looks like that’s not the only thing that looks grown up,”  I said as I grabbed his dick in my hand and started to rub on it.  “Have you ever been with a woman Ken?” I asked.  “Not yet Brooke, I mean, I’ve kissed and all, but never really got past that part.”  I leaned over and started to suck his cock, sliding it in and out of my hot mouth, teasing it with my tongue.   His head was back against the couch and his eyes were closed.

He was moaning so loud and I guess I was so into it that I didn’t hear Wes enter the room.  I felt my towel being tugged off of me and my fingers sliding into my pussy.  It was wet already, but when those two fingers started working it, it became even wetter.  It didn’t take long before I felt his cock pressing into my tight hole as I continued sucking off my brother.  I started moaning oh his cock.  That is when he realized that we were not alone.  His eyes flew open and he started to protest but Wes was very quick to tell him to just go with it.  “Oh my God, Ken, your sister’s pussy feels so good!  I bet you love her mouth on your cock too, don’t you?” Wes asked.

“Fuck YES!” Ken replied.

Ken grabbed onto my head and started saying “I am going to cum, Brooke!”  Wes said, “I am almost there too!”  He pulled me off of Ken’s dick, flipped me over and they both started to pump their cocks right in front of my face.  I opened my mouth waiting as they stream after stream of that hot, white cum all over my face, in my mouth, and down my tits.  “Holy fuck, that was so hot!” Wes said.  Ken looked exhausted as he agreed with his best friend.

“We are going to be playing so much more before I leave,” I said.  We hardly left the house for the next two weeks.  So we fucked and sucked in so many positions, I had lost count.  I can tell you now, I was going to be making more of an effort to go back home to visit more often.  Give me a call, I will tell you all the nice, juicy details of what else happened before I left to go back to college.

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