Do you want some Holiday Incest for your next present?

I love all holidays. I love the traditions. Easter egg hunts, frilly pastel spring dresses, and big brimmed hats were some of my favorite things. I loved the Easter Bunny more than Santa. My Uncle Jeff knew that. After watching me bloom into a young woman and lusting after me for years He decided that once I turned 12 he and I would finally a share a private Holiday INCEST party. He was dressed as the Easter Bunny that day and played the good, fun uncle all day long with me, my cousins and neighbors earning the trust of all the parents.

But I knew the other side of Uncle Jeff. He had been slipping into my bedroom and tucked me in as he tucked his finger down my pajama pants and slithered it inside my panties since I was 8 years old. “Sshhh….little Genie. Don’t tell your dad or I can’t come over anymore.” He knew I liked it, especially when his finger would like in between my young pussy lips. He liked teasing my little pussy and loved it. By the time I was 10 years old he was sliding his finger inside me and let me hump up and down on it while he read me a bedtime story. When I turned 11 he let me sit on his face so I could feel his tongue lick my pussy juice.

He whispered, “When you’re 12 I’ll make it extra special.”

And he did. When the guests had left and my parents were fast asleep the Easter Bunny snuck into my room and stripped off his costume. Uncle Jeff was totally naked with a HUGE hard on. He took a chocolate Easter bunny from my basket smeared it on his cock. “CUM on Genie and lick it off.” I did and it tasted so good. “Now that you’ve got the Easter Bunny so hard and wet I’m going to slide this big white carrot into your tight pussy hole.” And he did. And I like it.

Taboo Phone Sex!