It is finally Christmas day and my pathetic cum slut husband got me a very special present. Waking me up in the morning with breakfast in bed and worshipping my feet till he tells me it’s time for my real present. I excitedly get out of bed and rush to the door. He’s right behind me as we make it into the living room. By the tree is standing the tallest, dark, and handsome man I have ever seen to give me some holiday cuckold sex!

“His name is Erik and he’s all yours for the day, Merry Christmas wifey,” my husband says behind me. Erik is naked except for this perfect bow right around his rock-hard monster of a cock. My thoughts went to all the kinds of holiday cuckold sex I can get into with him when he walks over to me and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. All thought is gone as his hands trail up and down my sides and under my robe to trace over my skin. I shiver in anticipation of what Erik is going to do to me.

He starts kissing down my neck, biting me right where it meets my shoulder. I slip the robe the rest of the way off as he starts kissing and sucking on my big tits. It feels amazing and I moan as I let go of this new man. He drops to his knees and lifts one of my legs over his shoulder. As his tongue runs up my pussy lips I moan and look right at my husband. Thanking him for my holiday cuckold sex with one lustful look.

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Erik starts to suck on my clit as he slides two fingers inside of my tight cunt. I grab his hair and pull his face in as I grind my pussy on it. I can feel myself start to fall over the edge and I let my orgasm crash through me. He has to lower me to the floor so I don’t fall and in one move the bow is off his cock and he is buried balls deep inside me. I need this holiday cuckold sex as much as I need my steamy cuckold phone sex!

He is teasing me with his cock. Sliding all ten inches out before slowly, so achingly slow, pushes his cock back in me. Wrapping my legs around him as I beg him to fuck me faster. “Please pound my pussy!” My begging finally gives me what I want and it leaves me breathless. He fucks me like I’m the last pussy he will ever get and that’s exactly what I need for my holiday cuckold sex!

I know I’m about to cum all over his cock when he flips me to all fours and slams back inside of me. He grabs me by my hair and pulls it back, getting rough with me to send me spiraling over the edge. “Cum on my cock in front of your husband, show him how much you love my cock more than his!” I fall apart instantly, my orgasm crashing through me as he fucks me harder and faster. I feel Erik come inside of me and as I lay on the floor I motion for my husband to come to me.

I have a special gift for him too!

I spread my legs and tell him to eat his Christmas dinner. My cum slut husband doesn’t need to be told twice. He buries his face and laps up all of our cum. I’m so thankful for my holiday cuckold sex! Guess I’ve been the best naughty girl this year!