My history teacher taught me a new lesson..

History teacher really wasn’t kidding when he said he was gonna punish me if I acted out on our field trip.. I’d dressed up in my little gym shorts, thigh high stockings, and a little button up blouse just for this trip. We were going in a class of like 40 kids, so I knew he was going to be a little busy and maybe even be tied up enough that I could screw around and do whatever I wanted anyway. Mr. Lota was always mad at me for all the things I’d get away with in his class. A little smile and innocent laugh and he was wrapped around my finger, no matter what I did! I could pass notes, wear shorts that didn’t meet the ‘fingertip’ rule by the school.. but he didn’t care. As long as he kept me around in class, it was all working out in his favor! But on that trip, I guess I’d acted out a little too much. I’d been talking too loud in the museum, and he’d gotten in trouble with a few of the security guards and guides because of it. All his judgy looks couldn’t change the way I was acting, I was having too much fun playing with my friends and running all over the place. That is, until he finally caught up to me.

He grabbed me by the arm as soon as I’d gone flying around the corner with my phone out, trying to catch one of my friends in a silly surprise picture so I could blackmail her with it later. But as soon as he grabbed me, I knew he was in trouble. His hand was on my arm holding me tight, but his other hand was firmly grabbing my ass, his breath brushing up against my neck.. I tried apologizing to no avail, but he didn’t want to hear it. He must have traded places with a security guard for a few minutes and had them watch the other kids, because he was taking his sweet time pulling me around to a different hallway, so that he could push me into one of the storage closets with him. He locked the door right behind him too. My history teacher was not playing around this time. He didn’t even play a little or ease me into it when he pulled down my short shorts, rustling his belt around and being a little extra rough. See, I’d played with him before a little.. blowjobs, 69s, and the like, but he’d never actually fucked me! I guess I’d gotten on his last nerve, because he finally put me in my place, holding me up against a shelf, hand tangled in my hair, the other hand grabbing my ass and holding me steady so he could shove it right in..deep. It was so big I cried out, but he pulled his hand out of my hair to hold it over my mouth.
“Shhh, little troublemaker. this is what you get for making me work so hard.”
I’d never been so turned on by a single sentence in my life.

Come play with me.

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