His Transformation Fetish Wish: PART TWO

I really don’t know how, but somehow I managed to go my whole life so far have never seen The Craft. Unbelievable, right? I mean talk about a fucking CLASSIC! This weekend I visited with some of my domme friends and they showed it to me. Guess which part we unanimously agreed needed to be replayed three times in a row?

The scene where Fairuza Balk goes into a bitch fit/witch fit frenzy that sends that loser football dude flying out the window to his gruesome death, of course! Not only do I have a new celebrity crush, but that scene is going to provide me with masturbation material for quite a while. Nothing turns me on like powerful women. Especially if that power manifests itself in vindictive witch-hood. Making crazy, crazy shit happen.

Naturally, I came home with new energy for my upcoming experiment on my transformation fetish caller. I still have to wait another week or so until the full moon for what I’ve begun to do to take effect. But tonight is the first night of my spell-casting. I have a feeling he’ll be feeling some reverberations by the time the moon is fully illuminated in the sky.

Why do so many men crave being under the complete control of a dominating (and often more than a little bit evil) woman?? Maybe some of you can tell me your pathetic answer. Tell me if you’ve ALWAYS known that you need to be controlled, manipulated, ruined and utterly destroyed . . . or if it came to you later in life, maybe in an awful, reoccurring nightmare??

Need to confess a sick, twisted wish only a cruel Mistress/black-magic practicing witch like me can help you with? Better hurry up and call me . . .

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