As a sexy MILF, I love fucking younger men. Some of them are still even naive. Go figure! I am giving this one his first happy ending massage. How is that even possible as an adult male?! Is he living in a cave when we aren’t fucking?!

Of course not. Some people just live a life with less sex than me. I am not sure why they are choosing to do this but, hey, whatever makes them happy. Now, for him, he is seeing life is more fun my way.

Oh, yes, he is loving his hot older lover showing him the ropes. His cock has never had it so good. And, he has a nice dick too. It is keeping my kitty very happy. Now, I am doing a lot of teaching in the sexual skills area but I feel it is a civic duty.

Tonight is his first happy ending and I am bubbling with excitement.

Of course, he believes he is falling in love. How precious is that?! What a silly little fool. I am telling him that it is infatuation and newfound sexual excitement, not love. Honestly, this happens a lot during my MILF Phone Sex sessions.

I am bringing my callers something so new and amazing, they fall in love with me. Or, think they are in love with me. Who knows if it is real love. I appreciate their sincerity and adore showing them all the new kinky fun!

Of course, using The Art of Seduction on my lovers tends to add to their infatuation with me. I find that my sensual skills create a stronger bond with my lovers. I enjoy that bond but it confuses the naive ones more. Then if I am his first happy ending too, yikes.

The younger men are so sweet and fun to teach!

Oh, how I love their innocence and willingness to try new things with me. Not all are so open but most are willing to trust me. Of course, I am not rushing too much on them either. The naive ones need time to grow into their sexual awareness.

At first, it is all about me and them. Me showing them all a man and a woman can accomplish together. Well, throw in some toys too. What is fun is life without some kinky toys? Nothing too wild or you can scare them away.

Then, you slowly bring them into the world of kink. It is fun seeing the ones blossom into their true wild and kinky selves. Those are my soul mates! I know during his first happy ending if he is one of the wild ones.

Of course, some are not meant built for the kinky life and that is okay.

Those fellas are my steady fucks. Nice big dicks good for a ride and send them home. After they are gone, bring in the true road dawgs, ready to jump down the rabbit hole with mama! Oh, how I love my true wildlings.

They will do anything with me and together we get nasty and raunchy! Which are you? Are you the square peg steady fuck or are you my wildling, up for a dirty night of raunchy rides? Call me and let’s discuss it!

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