He had a fantasy and I was ready to fulfill it!

It was the first time in months that we had actually talked about sex and our fantasies. He was scared to tell me what his fantasy was this time… I just wanted Ben to tell me. I was so sick of playing the guessing game. I wanted to know, I wanted to know if it was something that I could put together for him. I love role play, I love 3-somes. I was down for everything. But him, he didn’t know what he wanted and it was so stressful. Until he finally said it, he wanted to have a 3-some.

He wanted me to find the perfect girl, and guy to do this with. But I didn’t think that was fair, this was his fantasy, he should pick! So we decided to go out that Thursday night. We were both getting ready to go out, I was curling my long hair, and applying my make-up just right! I was wearing my thigh high stockings, tight black little skirt with a matching pink and black corset top. No one could say “No” to that outfit! He was wearing his short blonde hair messy looking, with a tight black shirt and some jeans that fit his cock perfect!

When we arrived it was almost strange, a lot of the girls at the club were almost too snobby or not what he like’s. It was a little hard, so we went to the bar to get a drink. It was hot inside the bar, so we both ordered our favorite drinks! When our bartender Alyssa turned around we were both amazed! She was stunning! Blonde, big boobs, sexy, and she was down for anything! She had the looks and personality to make any girl turn into a lesbian for a night of fun! We spent most of our night talking with her. The night wore on and my boyfriend and I were both flirting and getting a little tipsy. She was flirting back!

We asked her if she wanted to leave with us and she was so ready for it, as if she’d been waiting all night for us to ask her. We took her to our house; talking in Ben’s truck the entire way home. We continued drinking again! Alyssa knew how to make a great Sex on the Beach! It was perfectly chilled and very well mixed! I whispered to Alyssa “Can you come into our bedroom with me really quick? I have a few things to tell your sexy ass!”

We went into our bedroom and I told her “Ben want’s to have a 3-some. Do you think that you would be down for that tonight?” We both knew Ben was sitting on the couch waiting for us to return. Alyssa giggled and shoved her tongue down my throat..

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