A super sexy High School Sex Story just for your enjoyment!!

In the best high school sex story ever!!! I was closing up shop at the Ice cream parlor (yes my dad finally let me have the after-school job I’ve been wanting!!!) The bell on the door rang, signaling someone was entering the store. I yelled out. Buried neck-deep in an ice cream bucket it was kinda hard to stand up and greet them and I was in such a hurry to go hang out with my friends! Hearing the bells jingle again I had mistakenly assumed that whoever came in had also left! BIG MISTAKE!!!

It was only a few minutes later when I felt a hand firmly clasp over my mouth another entertaining itself in my hair as I was jerked backward out of the ice cream cooler and thrust up against the wall. The lights were on someone was definitely going to see what was happening and rush in to finally save me!!

Although, someone had to come save me from whatever was about to happen!!!

While he was pressed into me, I could feel him begin to paw at me as the minutes ticked by! What was he going to do to me I thought, who was he?

I couldn’t make out who he was, I cringed at the thought of the creepy man that hangs out outside of the shop. His hands were smooth as he slid them up my thigh, his breath warm against my neck while I felt him slowly sink his teeth into my smooth soft skin.

Was this the day it was finally going to happen? Was I finally going to lose that dreaded v-card I’ve been holding onto for so long? Although, here I was… In the ice cream shop up against the wall with some strange man? I thought to myself…

Wondering what was going to happen next, if he even knew I was a virgin… Did he even know how young I was?

Do you know how young I am? What are you doing Sir? What’s going to happen to me??

Let’s finally finish this and find out in a fun game of Barely Legal Phone Sex!! Since this is a High School Sex Story you will Never Forget!

The Best Phone Sex