When her Master walked into a room he carried a special air about him that could stop any room commanding the attention be in his direction. She could feel the atmosphere of the room change as he strolled in taking his seat next to her. His hand placed possessively around her he scanned the room taking in the surroundings.

As she watched an older Dominant across the room stand to make his way towards her, and her Master she could feel his grip tighten on her. “You Owe Me” were the only words to escape the older Dominants lips as he reached down grabbing her hand causing her to stand.

“Remember, you are the forbidden fruit” He called to her as she was led away from the safety of her Master.

The room she was led to was massive with chairs surrounding the odd-looking bed in the center of the room. She could feel eyes staring at her as she was led to the stage. Put on display for everyone to watch. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see her Master sitting at the front of the stage. Just paces away. Paces that felt like an eternity as she was led to the bed.

“Lay down Girl” Was the only words the Older Dominant uttered to her as he shackled her firmly to the bed. His hands were cold and clammy nothing like those of her Master. The way he looked at her was as if she was a piece of meat for his enjoyment.

He stood next to the bed towering above her, his hand holding onto something long and black.

She was scared, looking over for to her Master for his reassurance as the Older Dominant cracked his riding crop allowing it to fall against her Bare Midriff.

The room shifted, the tension in the air lightening as he began to inflict his will on her body.

Would you like to be this Older Dominant? Or would you like to be her Master? Come help me finish the story and let’s see where it takes us!!

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