High School Sex Stories Are The Best & I Have Some Of My Own

High School Sex Stories really are the best. Know that high school was a wonderful time for me. Maybe not academically, but most definitely sexually. I had the opportunity to explore more and have a good time. You see, I wasn’t at all concerned about the consequences, though I was on birth control, so getting knocked up wasn’t at all an issue. Simply, I just wanted to have a good time and a good time I had. Without a doubt, my high school sex stories are some of the most adventurous.

That was due in part to the fact that I was dating a guy who was hell-bent on fucking me in the most shocking places ever. In an effort to impress his buddies. As a matter of fact, he and his buddies had an ongoing bet in that regard. Let’s just say that it was very important to me that MY boyfriend be the winner. After all, I certainly didn’t date and, or fuck losers. That just wasn’t an option. No way, no how!

I was very involved in my high school and had privileges that other kids only dreamed of. For instance, I worked after school a lot and I had keys to most of the rooms in the entire school, which of course I took full advantage of for my sexcapades. One evening while working on a set for an upcoming play, my boyfriend and I decided to take a great to fuck. While looking for the perfect location, it dawned on us that our Principal was gone and that we had the keys to his office. Needless to say, the wheels started turning and without skipping a beat, I knew we were on the same naughty page.

We immediately made our way to Mr. Swanson’s office.

Once inside, we right away started to go at. Tony ate my pussy on the floor until I came of course. Then we got on top of the desk and began to fuck like jackrabbits. First, he bent me over the desk and began to fuck my wet little pussy hard. He loved to fuck the shit out of me that way. I especially loved to feel his full heavy balls slap up against me. Sometimes he’d fuck me so hard, his balls would sting slightly as they slapped me. I loved it!

After fucking me doggy style for a little bit, I then laid on my back and spread my slutty long legs. Revealing a nice and swollen clit and juicy pussy for him to devour once again. I LOVED cumming all over his face for the second time. I’d like to think that I trained him well, seeing as though I was first. He didn’t know any better and therefore I took full advantage. I created my very own sexual beast and I loved it. Not only did he eat pussy like a fucking champion, but he had the stamina for days! Although he didn’t start off that way, I certainly made sure that’s how he ended.

Now that I think of it after we broke up, his new GF’s would thank me!

If that’s not an ego boost, then idk wtf is! Anyway, the moment I got done cumming all over his face, he took his big eight-teen-year-old cock and plunged it deep inside of my now sopping wet cunt. Oh, my fucking gosh! It was amazing. I could feel my walls closing around him and my juices leaking from both of our bodies smashed together. On a side note, if you like this one of many high school sex stories, then you’ve got to hear my college sex stories!

You will love my college sex stories! Anyway, I don’t want to reveal all of this naughty little tail, that would defeat the purpose. What I want, is for you to call me and to make a whore out of me. I will tell you every detail of this hot story and so much more! Call me and let’s play! Ask me about my principal, mine and Tony’s cum and the wrestling teams t-shirt! You’re going to love this, call me!

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