High school sex stories, Work out alone with my coach!

High school sex stories, Work out alone with my coach! When I was in high school I was a total nerd. I mean I wore glasses that were a bit too big for my face and I had to wear Invisalign braces. I would have done anything to be in with the cool kids. One day I got to school I was having a very weird day it was as if the world had noticed me for the first time. During the first class of the day, this super hot jock said “hey” to me, He waved and everything. Then at GYM, I was approached by the cheerleading and dance squad coach. At my school, they combined the two together to make a super team or so they said.

So the coach had told me that because of my size I would be perfect for throwing in the air. I was so excited that I said “absolutely” before I had realized he said that he wanted to have a training session at my house that night. I got home and was so excited that I could hardly breathe. My mom was not home and I couldn’t wait to tell her the good news about joining cheerleading. Quickly I changed into a sports bra and a matching pair of short shorts with a little white pinstripe on each side. That is when my door rang and I ran to open it.

High school sex stories, Work out alone with my coach!

The coach stood at my door with a duffel bag in one hand and a kettlebell in the other. We started out with squats where I grabbed the kettlebell transfer hands and squat again. I noticed the Coach staring at my ass when I stuck my ass out with each squat. He got behind me and started to grind against me and told me how sexy I look. He kissed me deep and I dropped to my knees to give him that best BJ a sexy teen girl could give him!

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