Are you craving some high school sex stories?

Do you know what every girl dreams about when they’re in high school? We dream about fitting in with the popular crowd. You know the girls that get with the football players and the ones who get with the jocks. Well, I am the one that went in the opposite direction. I was always after the bad boys the ones who rode their motorcycles to school. The ones who did not give a fuck what they were exposed to do and just did what they wanted. You can bet your ass that I have some of the best high school sex stories around.

All of us bad kid misfits always hang out under the bleachers. Well, one day I went and told the guys that I have found a new spot to hang out at. They agreed to come to take a look. I walked them down the road about a half a mile to the school pound. No one ever comes out here. The hay and grass were all grown up so it was a perfect place to hide. We all agreed to come back to the same place tomorrow.  I would bring alcohol and Ben and John would bring the weed.

We decided to go ahead and skip class

Around the 4th period right after lunch, we had decided we were going to meet up. Been brought brownies from the lunch room. I brought the alcohol like I said I would.  Next thing I knew were stoned off our ass and drinking a bottle of tequila, When Ben looked and me and ask If I would like to do something really fun. I said yes and he pulls a blanket out of his bag and lays it on the ground. Wondering I asked what the blanket for he looked at me with a wicked grin and said to come to sit beside him.

I knew this was going to be one of the best high school sex stories I would have.  He brought me to the blanket and laid me down. Ben started reaching down my shirt and rubbing my nipples. Filling a little nervous and scared because the only thing I have ever done was phonesex lines. He told me not to worry.  He started kissing my neck and I could not help but fall for him. This was going to be my first time so I was not sure what to do. He pulled his hard 9-inch cock out and pushed my face for it. He told me to start sucking on his cock so I put his cock in my mouth and started sucking on his hard throbbing cock.

When my cherry got popped

It felt so good in my mouth that I just couldn’t help but suck on it harder and harder. He started to take my clothes off and slowly took off my pants to where I was in nothing but my bra and underwear. He went down and started using his tongue on my clit. I was nervous but it felt so good. He slowly started putting his cock in my tight little pussy. It hurt like hell at first then he shoved his cock as hard as he could inside me. I screamed as the pain shot up through me I thought my first time would be different. I guess that’s what makes this one of the best high school sex stories of all time. Is when someone gets there cherry popped.

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