I am sure you did not think these high school sex stories were going to be sweet and innocent. After all, this phone sex line worker is far from innocent. This story from my high school years is brought to you courtesy of my very first job. Like many other kids my age, I decided to give fast food a try since I was only working for the summer anyway. After interviewing with a short bald man, who was trying way too hard, the job was a given. I was to show up the following Monday for training, wearing the uniform I was provided.

High School Sex Stories Wouldn’t Be Complete Without A Slut Altered Uniform!

So buttoned up and wearing a very non-work appropriate skirt I strutted in there ready to own the place. All eyes were on me as men stepped into my line just so I could take their order. My trainer was a married man who found himself careered as a fast-food manager. Every so often he would brush against my ass. He would pretend it was an accident but I knew it was anything but. In fact, after I dropped a quarter onto the ground and he knelt down to grab it something happened. He caught a sneak peek of my panties and had to run to the bathroom and jerk off.

Rub one out without me? No, I will be getting mine too!

So, a little bit envious that he got to blow his load at work I excused myself to the bathroom. I was not going to play with my pretty bald cunt in there. Instead, I took my panties out from under my skirt and tossed them in the garbage. I would not be needing those any longer. Then, back to the front register, I went. Again, a couple of times he brushed my ass until finally, it was a squeeze. That is when I dropped another quarter right between my legs. I wanted him to get the perfect view of my tight teen pussy.

Didn’t take him very long to see that pretty bald cunt.

Then, like a brat in a candy store he reached up under my skirt and poked against my pussy slit. I simply adjusted myself poking my ass out. Customer’s continued to order their food.  Although we were busy he still pulled my skirt up mesmerized by my sexy ass. His face pressed between my cheeks he inhaled my sweet scent. Without hesitation, he was finger banging me while kneeling on the floor. Not a single thought of his wife crossed his mind either, I bet. This made my high school sex stories so much hotter. Being the home-wrecking whore!

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