I want to share my high school sex stories with you

I have many high school sex stories but this one still turns me on even today. What can I say I was a wild teenager that craved sex. It doesn’t matter who is was with a girl, a guy, or even a teacher. Hell I even fuck my daddy! The boys my age were okay I guess, but I wanted the attention of older men. My teacher was perfect but I already had good grades, no need for him. It was time for a new challenge, a summer fling of some sort. I had chosen my best friends dad as my new conquest. He was my crush and even though I had him before I wanted him alone this time.

Older men are sexy

Remember my best friend Monica? She’s the one I engaged into lesbian play with and got caught. Monica’s father caught us and things turned into a threesome. I love to share but I also have a selfish side. The way David touched me was different than any other man. He was gentle on me because he thought I was a virgin but he couldn’t of been more wrong about me. Come on?! I had anal sex with my daddy. Me and Monica got together for a sleepover and when she went to sleep I crawled into bed with her daddy. He even looked sexy in his sleep and his cock was already hard like it was waiting for me. I slid my hands down into his shorts and woke him stroking his cock. He woke up and tried to deny me but of course I won.

I’m not sharing this time

All it took was me taking his hand and sliding it against my bare pussy for him to squirm. He wanted to make it another threesome with me and Monica but I refused to share. I told him when I see something I want I go for it as I leaned down and kissed his lips. My mouth traveled further down his body before sliding him into my mouth. It didn’t take him long to flip me onto my back and tease me with an ass licking. I squirmed all over his bed and begged to feel every inch of him inside me. As you can see I’m a girl that gets what she wants lets role play and I’ll show you. I’ve got sexy stories just for you. From high school sex stories to incest sex stories like I said I’m a wild child. I’m always in the mood for teen phone sex.

Kinky Kelsey