I met Hank on a Friday night at the bar. He was tall, blonde, and built. He mentioned that he was the manager of a high-rise construction site downtown. In my endless quest for new and exciting places to fuck, I asked if he might want to have a little fun there in the morning. He readily agreed.

We met at the site in the morning, I was wearing a low-cut tank top and super short shorts. and I was shocked to see just how tall it was. Hank said it was 30 stories high, and that since it was Saturday, no one else was around and we’d have our pick of places to fuck! I immediately suggested the top floor. He said that floor wasn’t fully finished yet so we’d have an excellent view.
Hank handed me a hard hat as we entered the building. I put it on and caught a glimpse of myself in the service elevator, and I looked kind of cute in a hard hat, as it turns out. Who knew??

We got in the elevator and I started getting excited. As we got closer to the top I could feel my pussy getting wet. I glanced over at Hank and noticed a bulge growing in his pants.

We got to the top floor and I saw that it was indeed unfinished. The floor was still in progress and had six-inch gaps in between boards. Hank led me over to a metal cart that was pressed up against a wall. He lifted me up onto the cart and I could see the whole city from there. He kissed me hard and pulled off my shorts. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and thick. My pink slit was ready to be fucked. He teased my pussy with the tip of his dick, and I moaned in anticipation. He finally entered me, and my body shook with pleasure. Then he fucked me hard and I couldn’t get enough.

“Harder Hank, I want to scream so the whole city can hear me!” I yelled.

He grabbed my ass and pulled my hips towards him, ramming his cock deeper inside me. I was about to cum, hard. I started to cum, and he kept thrusting, making me cum harder and harder until finally, I squirted! Cum shot out of my pussy and I watched as a stream of cum went right between the boards and down out of the building. I was squirting all over, drenching the whole city in my cum . . .



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