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My husband gets invited out to our local casino every couple of months for a high-stakes poker game. Sometimes I go so I can distract the other players with my hot body. This time he loses me to a high roller with a high heel foot fetish. Thinking back on my time with him still has me so wet. Could you imagine winning me in a game of poker? Let me tell you how our time would go.

For a guy like you who is into some high heel foot fetish, my pretty feet will get your cock so hard. My cute little toes are painted a crimson red and you just want to put them in your mouth and suck on each one. As you kiss your way down the sole of my foot, I use my heel-covered foot to rub your cock through your pants. Your throbbing hard cock twitches against my foot. “Free yourself,” I order you.

Your high heel foot fetish brings you to your knees for me.

As you free your cock I push my foot deeper into your mouth. Making you suck on it and gag from my toes hitting your throat. I pull free and use my wet foot to stroke your hard cock. You groan and shudder in absolute pleasure. Grabbing my other foot and sucking on my heel as I continue to stroke your cock with my wet toes.

As you worship my foot I tell you about being a cheating wife and how much it turns me on to fuck other men. How you having a high heel foot fetish gives me the control over you that gets me off. I grab your hand and bring it to my wet pussy. “Finger me while you suck on my toes.” You slide them in slowly, teasing me with them as you suck my big toe into your mouth.

I want to feel your cock against my skin.

To heighten your desire and use your high heel foot fetish I slightly pull my foot up and make a hole between it and my heel. “Place your cock in the hole and pump.” Wanting you to fuck my foot and heel and get off so hard for me. You pull your fingers free of my pussy and wet your cock to slide it between my foot and heel.

Pumping slowly into the hole as your fingers go back to my pussy. You keep the same pace of fucking my foot as you do with fucking my pussy. My foot never leaves your mouth as your kiss and suck every inch. Your high heel foot fetish brings you to the brink of insanity with need. Your cock pulsing as your fuck my foot, my pussy squeezing and milking your fingers. “I want you to cum with me, are you ready?”

If so then give me a call and finish this hot little high heel foot fetish role-play with me! I’ll be waiting…

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