The Hidden Market of Slave Stock

When I in my twenties, I discovered the hidden market.  An ex-boyfriend introduced me to the BDSM lifestyle and I never looked back.  However, I wondered how someone went about finding other ‘like-minded’ people. Well, it turns out that there are ways of letting others know what you’re into!  There is a wide variety of jewelry, tattoos, even clothing, that lets others know you’re a fellow freak!

But when you’re seeking good slave stock to own, or looking for an auction to attend – you need the hidden market!  It is an underground network in my area that caters to the tastes of Dominants.  At my first bonified auction, I won the bid on a pair of lovebirds.  Her name was Madison, and she was pale, with full breasts and a mane of flaming red hair.  The male was a muscular brunette, with five o’clock shadow and piercing blue eyes.  They made a very attractive couple, but it was their youthful, love-sick state that made me bid on them.

Once I unwrapped my new toys, it was easy to manipulate them to my will.  The secret to couples is using them against one another.  For every mistake Sean made, I would punish his beloved Madison in front of him.  He was unbroken at first but quickly learned to obey me and to pleasure me as commanded.  Soon, we discovered that Maddie enjoyed watching him lick my pussy and that made me want her more!  I began inviting male friends to use him in front of her and savoring their confused arousal as they used them both for my amusement!

I relished breaking him, but watching her enjoy his shame brought me to new levels of excitement.  In the end, Madison became a Domme and I released him as her slave, 2 years later.  They are married now and often thank me for their depraved bliss.  A dark twist on a fairy-tale love story, but still a happy ending!

Are YOU On the Market?

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