Our hidden fuck camera has been the best thing we have ever done!

We have been adding more and more things into our sex life to keep both of our juices flowing. Adding a hidden fuck camera was a crazy idea, but once we came up with it, I knew we just had to do it. We decided to sneak a hidden fuck camera in the changing rooms at Victoria’s Secret in the mall. I knew one of the saleswomen and thought she would totally be on board. When I talked to her, she eagerly agreed as long as we sent her all the footage after so she could rub her pussy too it.

Just the thought of her rubbing her pussy to our homemade videos was very fucking spicy, but I knew we had much bigger plans so I didn’t want to get all winded up just yet. So, the next day we arrive at the mall. I’m carrying the small camera in my purse. It is so small, that I have to be very careful not to lose. It has a full day’s worth of charge and is ready to stream live right to our iPhones. I go into the dressing room, pretending to try on a black lingerie set. Well, I wasn’t really pretending. I want a new lingerie set to wear when we are soaking in our new video feed.

Then, I positioned the camera and angled it perfectly.

It was a wide-angle, so we would be getting a full view of every woman who came into the dressing room. Then, I decide it’s time for the first show. So, I start undressing in front of the camera, teasing you. I give the camera a wink knowing you are watching it right now. I slip into this completely strappy bondage teddy lingerie. The black looks amazing across my tan skin.

I bend over with my ass facing the camera and give it a little shake. One last look in the mirror and I decide it’s time to stop teasing you, buy this lingerie, and go home to see what other naughty video shows we pick up by our hidden fuck camera. I check out quickly and dash towards the car. I don’t want to miss any live shows. We can always watch them later, but I got a little jealous of you watching them all by yourself!

When I get to the car, you hand your cellphone to me.

There is a cute girl trying on different ranges of pink pastels bras. She looks like she just turned eighteen, two seconds ago. It gets my pussy wet to know that she has no idea we can see when she strips off her clothes and bares all. Her tits are on the small-ish side but they look very firm, and her nipples are so hard that the camera can even pick it up. She tries on four bras and takes a photo of herself in every single one. I wonder who she is sending them too?

Lucky for us it’s a quick drive back to my condo. I’m so eager to get home after seeing that barely legal girl taking nude photos of herself. We barely make it into the door before your cock is inside of me. When I grind up against you, I can feel your cock throbbing inside of me. It is extremely sexy thinking of the naughty thing we did by installing that hidden fuck camera. I decide I want to check out who else is starring in our little porn video. It looks like we missed two other women in the dressing room.

The first one was an older woman who was actually trying on the most skimpy lingerie that Victoria’s Secret carries!

I was impressed, she was bending over to make sure the lingerie fit her perfectly, and it did. It fit her just like a glove. Then, the next video was a mother and daughter trying on lingerie together and I couldn’t hold back. It sparked a girl on girl bisexual fantasy! I sat down right on your cock and started bouncing up and down watching the duo try on new lingerie together. Judging by how fast you came, I knew that the hidden fuck camera was going to be a regular adventure!

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