Public sex isn’t for everybody. Most adults prefer sexual activity within the confines of their own houses. I’d venture so far as to say their preference extends to the bedroom. Following this logic, if a brother wants a hidden cam masturbation video of his sister finger fucking herself, it would make sense to hide something in her bedroom.

Who’s Got That Good D?

With things going as they are right now, brothers could be looking at their sisters a bit differently. We’ve paused going out to parties and bars for late-night, one-off hookups. That doesn’t mean the horny has gone away though!

My friends’ brothers can be so annoying (on a good day) but I know a lot of girls who concede to the need. Can you imagine being stuck in quarantine with your hot as fuck sister who dresses like a slut every fucking day? Of course, she’s teasing you! She wants you to bend her over, spank her ass and give her the fucking of her life.

Gotta Level Up Your Game, Brosif

Some brothers warm up slowly to raw dogging their sister. The rundown on leveling up to that kind of fucking during this difficult time works something like this:

  1. Irritation breeds contempt and avoidance between you and your sister.
  2. While you both cool down, you can’t help but notice her curves. Why are her leggings always so damn tight around her ass? Is she showing off her titties on purpose?
  3. She masturbates when you’re around. The vibrations of her sex toys getting shoved into her slick cunt are super obvious through your shared bedroom wall at night.
  4. Your sister leaves panties out for you to find. They’ll be slick with her pussy juices so you can smell and taste and feel how wet she is and how down she is to fuck.
  5. Set up your phone or a camera in her bedroom to take a hidden cam masturbation video. You’ll know for sure when you watch it later because she’ll be moaning your name while fingering herself.
  6. Time to approach her with the evidence on your phone. She will either:
    1. Spread her legs right there and beg you to fuck her cunt immediately
    2. Gasp and be shocked that you took a hidden cam masturbation video of her

Hidden Cam Masturbation Video

Of course, you could keep the hidden cam masturbation video to yourself. If you record it in secret, then you should be good to enjoy jerking your dick off to your sister’s pussy in secret, too. But the video can leverage your sister into fucking you. It’s possible she might have had no idea that you needed to get off too. If you both agree to keep it a secret, you could breed constantly and have a whole lot of fun together.

Though she may be horrified by the fact that you’ve taken an xxx porn video of her. In that case, threaten to blackmail her. It wouldn’t be hard to upload her hot video to PornHub, to show it to all of your friends, or other family members. That should get her to open that sweet pussy for you, and keep the video for solo playtime later!


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