A couple of weeks ago I was at a party for a co worker and there was a pretty diverse group of people there. Ones from work, friends of friends and few of the neighbors of the co worker in the new condo they were in, it was a housewarming, or condo warming if you will, party. One of the new neighbors of the one tossing he party was someone I knew and hadn’t seen in years. It was my old ninth grade history teacher, Mr.. Mannen.

I recognized him immediately, but I’d changed more since high school than he did,a and he would have had thousands of students since. I walked over and spoke to him and asked him if he remembered a precocious young girl that went to class a few times without wearing panties under her mini skirt and crossed and uncrossed her legs. A look of recognition flickered over his face and he then knew who I was. He’d gotten divorced a few years back and moved into this condo, a few doors down from my co worker’s unit.

We spent most of the night talking together and I’d always liked him so much, he was a young teacher when I had him, only maybe ten years older than myself. I was so glad I’d run into him and I had to admit the old spark was still there, it was for me anyway and he seemed a bit interested as well. He asked me as the party was winding up if I’d like to see the view from his balcony and I jumped at the opportunity, though I kind of doubt it was his balcony view that I was getting asked over there for.

We went down the hall to his unit and he had a nice place, pictures on the wall that he’d painted himself he was showing me. I was impressed with his talents and told him he had a good eye, to which he replied he’d always admired my looks but of course he’d been unable to do anything about it when I was underage and he my teacher without chancing trouble. I smiled and reached my hand over to his face and he leaned in and kissed me. A sweet, tender kiss, that didn’t take long to become more passionate and exploratory.

He led me by my hand to the bedroom and started to undress me and I did to him as well. He seemed a tender sort and I had a feeling I was very much going to enjoy his attentions. He laid me on the bed and kissed my nipples and breasts and went down my tummy to my shaved pussy. Opening my petal like pussy lips with his tongue and going for my clit, I grabbed his hair and shoved his face further into my cunt and he didn’t disappoint. Licking me and sending me over edge. My pussy was wet and waiting for his cock and he climbed on top of me and slid himself inside of me and he had one thick cock. I was stretched tot he max, but it felt very pleasurable. He thrust and he bucked and I wrapped my legs around him tightly, egging him on to fuck me hard and I kissed him hard as we moved to our climax together. I was so wet, his cock and balls were soaked and he shot one huge load of cum into me and my orgasming pussy sucked up every drop of it. What a wonderful evening it had been, reconnecting this way. I was absolutely going to be seeing him again very soon.