His name was – “Fuck face” and he responded to it every time.  After months of training, “Fuck Face” finally realized it wasn’t his world.  It was my world and I was letting him breathe in it.   Breathing in the aroma of my sweet snatch and the tantalizing stench of my ass.  The vision from up here was so much different than his view.  Jerry’s face sitting experience was about to change without warning.  Usually, my sexy curves would engulf his face, making his tongue and nose a permanent fixture in my ass and pussy.   He couldn’t live a moment without me smothering and taking control of him. He submitted to anything to be part of my world.  His face was my throne and I was the queen of his world.

I couldn’t resist the temptation of attaching a face strap on, as he whimpered like a hungry bitch.   I owned him and he knew this.  He was going to earn the name “Fuck Face.” Slowly, I lowered my pussy onto the face dildo.  His pathetic little cock could never please me and he accepted this.  He was no stranger to being humiliated for his size or lack thereof.  The vision of my ass took over his every being, as my pussy swallowed up the rubber dick attached to his face.   His manly existence was diminished to nothingness.  I wanted to leave him totally unable to function as a man.  Teasing him and denying him any relief was my mission.  I began riding him, pumping my deprived pussy up and down on the imitation cock.  Deeper and harder, taking every inch into my hungry snatch.  Bringing myself to a new level of pleasure and making his face my playground to conquer.   I took every inch pushing the limits until my body quivered in pure pleasure.   This was all about me – I used the ultimate power of tease and denial to get in his head and keep him begging.

“Please allow me to release Mistress” escaped from his mouth, as I lifted my drenched pussy from his face.  He begged and pleaded.  <wicked lil laugh> “Who do you belong to fuck face?” I said as I twisted his cock and balls.  “I shouldn’t have to remind you.” I moaned, as I lowered my drenched snatch to his face and smothered him. Grinding down, until his tongue replaced the plastic cock that once filled my hole. Smothering him, sitting on my throne, rubbing my twat effortlessly across his face. The pleasure intensified, as I moved up and down Jerry’s face.  I teased him over and over, till his head was ready to explode.   I lifted my drenched beaver from his face. as he gasped for air.  “Don’t you dare cum fuck face? Not until I allow you to cum.”  He ached and needed to release. “Fuck Face” knew I would destroy his world and punish him relentlessly.  <wicked lil laugh> I edged him along – keeping his cock and balls locked up for my personal gratification.  I would break him of his weakness, even if it took CBT mixed with tease and denial.  After hours of torture, I finally allowed him to cum.

I love adding new treasures to my toy box.  A face strap-on or chin dildo are great accessories to compliment my well-used extension.  I love using my strap on any chance I get.   Especially breaking in man pussy  for a good pegging. This new accessory will pleasure both my pussy and ass, as well as his face for hours. Jerry looked forward to our next adventure when my friends Jessica and Abby would join the fun.   Would he be up for the challenge?  <wicked lil laugh>

Are you ready to give yourself to me, as I fill your head with naughty visions of taboo fetishes?  (Humiliation – Forced Fem – BBC – Ruined Orgasm – Milking – Cream Pie -CBT – JOI – CEI- Cuckold – K9 – GangBang – Strapon – Toilet Training – Squirting –  Kinky fetish role-playing  – whatever kink pushes your buttons) What will it take to push your limits?  When I deny you the one thing you crave the most – You will agree to anything. Opportunity only knocks once – lose control with edge play phone sex.

Once you have masturbation sex with me – masturbating alone will NEVER be the same!! Let’s get our own personal adventure started.  No limits – No restrictions – Anything goes uncensored phone sex that will totally mind explosive and leave you breathless!! Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination!


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