Yes, you heard that right, my little Sissy Faggot is turning tricks, lol

(no that’s not him in the pic, but, you can get an idea)

The story goes, he was trying so hard to resist the urge to “party” and he thought he actually had that urge beat. I wasn’t posting any blogs about him, so, I believe he was trying to pull on those blinders and live in the “normal” world again. Of course, once you put on the blinders, all hell breaks loose!

I guess he was trying to reward himself by “having sex with a girl, cause he loves the pussy, and likes girls” lol (Oh I wish I had a recording of him saying that, it even sounds pathetic) He decided to hire an escort for the night. From what I can gather, when he got to the hotel, he was waiting o him, they took a few bumps, and then next thing he knows, he wearing garters, stockings, and lord knows what else. Once he was all dressed up, she made him get on his knees and suck off her dildo. I guess he was fine with that, I mean, he could still get the pussy, but, another bump or two later and he’s passed out again. (what a light weight) When he wakes up, on the bed, he hears a knock at the door. When she goes to open it, his first “John” was standing there, ready to go.


From what Sissy faggot” told me, he had 4 men that night, each paying for a trick and he ended up coming hard with the last one that night. It turns out, he can fight the urge all he wants, but, the fact that he’s a cock sucking bitch is written all over him. So much so, he paid an Escort to whore him out for the night…lmao!!!

Oh the joys of life 🙂