My Friend Had His First Prostate Orgasm and Loved It!

So, let’s talk about my friend’s first prostate orgasm. Let’s just say it was so powerful, that he squirted on his face and the wall that was behind his head.  I believe if more guys understood and just ventured a bit out of their comfort zone, the immense pleasure would be so explosive they would never look back.

John was one such friend with so much potential. I’ll never forget the day he told me he and Sharon had decided to get a divorce.

I had no idea it would lead to his first prostate orgasm!

I went over to the house. He was so upset. However, after a drink and some talk he was much better. John had confided to me that his partner didn’t want to do anything remotely fun in bed. I probed John for a while to find out his ultimate fantasy. Blushing he looked over at me and said he had always wanted to get fucked by a toy, strap-on, or even a nice cock.

Sure, my friend John had bought a big black dildo, but really had no idea how to use it. John also had some other toys like a vibrator and butt plug. I was so excited to see his toys and maybe even help him to use them.

There is something very hot about a guy taking a toy or cock in his back door. I love looking over at a guy’s face as he gets his first prostate orgasm or just simply enjoying himself.

I decided that I would be the one to help him.

Making up my mind to help John with his first prostate orgasm wasn’t a difficult choice. It was just how to execute the strategy.

Next, I had John lay on his stomach. I played with his ass with some lube. My fingers dipped slowly in and out of his ass. The moans of approval made me continue forward. Slowly, I inserted a butt plug and stretched out his asshole.  He tensed up for a moment, but the look on his face was very encouraging.

After a time, I turned on the butt plug. A soft hum from the butt plug could be heard. His hips arched as he felt the sensations running through him.  I loved instructing him to squeeze his ass around the plug. John’s first prostate orgasm was so close.

I finally got a vibrator and ran the toy up and down his cock stopping under his dick. John screamed so loud, every neighbor could have heard him, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him to experience the ultimate pleasure.

I knew he was going to cum so hard.

John’s breathing became deep as I put the toy under his balls. My soft hand stroked his dick up and down. My mouth took his dick in so nicely. Wrapping my lips around his cock, I pulled and sucked.

John cried out for more and begged me not to stop. However, today I didn’t want his cum down my mouth. I wanted to feel his hot cum splash over my face in a warm facial.

There was more that happened that afternoon. So, now you can see the wonderful world of prostate fun.  I’d love to help you with your first prostate orgasm. How about an explosive fetish phone sex call?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke