Hee Yah for Hoo Hah: A Story of Brother Sister Fantasies

I am not always a bad girl. My daddy actually thinks that I am quiet the good girl! So when I was at his farm, out in the barn all by myself I had to sneak a smoke in. I just could not take it any longer, I needed the nicotine! Well I thought I was all alone, that was until my brother Jason walked in! He thought he was slicker then a slug slimming down the sidewalk. Caught me red handed though. I knew I was going to have to pay for being a bad little girl, and Jason knew just how to punish me. He always had brother sister fantasies with me, the only difference was he knew how to play me so that he always had incest phone sex fun.  This time I knew I was in for it big time though, he made me drop my cig and stomp it out then ordered me to stand up for him.

I did, and with quiet an attitude might I add. He barked at me to open up my shirt, being the brat I was I turned away from him and open up my plaid top giving him every ounce of fight I wanted. Truth is though, I am glad he caught me. I love my brother’s cock.  I always have Brother Sister Fantasies thinking about it. It was one of the first I ever had and is still one of the best! He is pretty hung too. He came up behind me and grabbed my hair up in his hand, yanking my head towards the ground. With a yelp I followed the direction of the tug planting my knees on the ground in front of him. “Get to work,” he said unbuckling his pants with his hand still secured in my hair. I unzipped and pulled them down a little, about to his knees. Inside was the tasty prize that made both my cunt and mouth water with anticipation. I grabbed it by the base and began to run my tongue around the head of it. Teasing him, tasting the pre-cum as it spilled out of the tip of his dick.

I was taking way to long for him. That mean that hand on the back of my head was used to force fuck my face hole. I gags and slobbered all over him in a messy display of impatience. I loved it when he got rough with me. As I chocked on him my eyes watered and I looked up my emerald eyes streaking with mascara running down my face. He loved it when I cried for him and could not take it any more. He tossed me up and  through me onto a pile of hay bales, and pulled down my short shorts. I yelped out as he shoved himself into me with true force. He used no condom and told me that he wanted to make me his pregnant! I would not put it past him and I honestly cannot say that I would have it any other way.  My brother planting his seed inside me would make for the cutest little family baby ever. As he continued to plow into my I moaned out cumming all over the hay and his balls. He did the same inside me loading me down with his seed! Am I pregnant? We shall see!

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