Heated Stranger Sex Inviting Deep Pleasure In

Heated stranger sex is just the medicine I need.  Are you a dark stranger? Phone sex was a natural choice for me. And I love diving into the fantasy that is possible through the connection on the phone. I’ve also realized in the last few years that my sexual tastes lean towards the rough side.  So when I get a chance to combine my rough side and my love of phone sex, I can’t resist.  A new chapter was about to be added to my heated stranger sex stories repertoire.

Fetish Phone Sex Isn’t Just For You.

Reading his ad in the personals section of my BDSM magazine, I found myself intrigued.  And, to be perfectly honest, I’d always had a fantasy of heated stranger sex.  My hot cunt was getting all tingly and wet as I read the AD. “Are you longing to be truly taken?  Do you find yourself desiring a lover that truly takes charge?  I’m the dark and commanding lover that will slip into your home and bring you to be a dark and dangerous pleasure. I will come to you, I will blindfold you. Restrain you.  My face will be hidden. You will learn to beg at the sound of my voice. Say yes. Take a chance and call me. Signed, Deep Pleasure”.

As I dialed the number, I felt the irony of my nervousness.  After all, talking on the phone about sex was my business.  And I’m good at it, but this felt different. Of course, the idea of the perfect heated stranger sex encounter kept me on the phone. When he answered, his deep voice seemed to reach through the phone.  “Deep Pleasure speaking,” his rich voice filled the air between us.  My voice cracked a little as I explained that I was calling about the ad.  His chuckle made my pussy tingle even more.  And so it began.

It was definitely looking like heated stranger sex was in my very near future. Over the course of the next two weeks, we talked almost daily.  Of course, with each call, I found myself diving into my own deep pleasure.  Deep Pleasure’s voice led me to orgasms that inflamed my entire being. Every time I wasn’t working, I was on the phone with Deep Pleasure.  And then the day came that I agreed to meet.

Masters of Sex Know All the Tricks to Get You Off

Waiting for “Deep Pleasure” to arrive, I found myself getting giddy with excitement.  The agreement was that he would slip into the back door.  No warning. No discussion.  He would just come in and take complete control.  I’d never see his face or know or know any other name than Deep Pleasure.  This was the ultimate in dark erotic play.   Standing at the sink, I felt a hand slip around my throat from behind.  My gasp of surprise filled the air.  With a hand at my throat, I felt his mouth press against my ear, “Are you ready for Deep Pleasure?”

Heated Stranger Sex Becomes Her Biggest Turn On

Before I could answer, I was carried to the bedroom.  Of course, as he blindfolded me and then put cuffs on my hands, I began to shake.  A heavy hand then pushed my face down on the bed.  My cunt filled with hot juice as I heard the crack of the flogger.  Of course, then the soft leather connected with my ass, my screams filled the air.   Orgasmic shaking rippled through my body as he spread my now red hot ass cheeks.  His tongue drove into my tight ass as moans of deep pleasure escaped from my mouth.  My ass welcomed his hot tongue as if it were an old lover.  An old lover that knew exactly how to bring the perfect union of hard and soft.  And, then before I knew what was happening, my pussy became even hotter and wetter.

Dark Pleasure became my tormenter and perfect lover as the night continued.  He played my body like it was an instrument he knew well.  And, I couldn’t help feeling the music of pleasure ripple through me as he used pain to bring me to orgasm after orgasm.

When his hard cock finally filled my soaking wet pussy harmonious screams roared through my body.  And then the hot juice of Deep Pleasure was dripping from me as he slipped the cuffs off.  Laying in a pool of hot and juicy cum from Deep Pleasure, I listened as the front door closed behind him.  Heated stranger sex would remain anonymous but never forgotten.

Of course, now I’m ready for more…

Heated Stranger Sex is Just a Phone Call Away