Heart Shaped Paddle Dominates Your Ass

I was trying on my black lace teddy last Saturday when my doorbell rang. I immediately thought that whoever was at the door could be a good little guinea pig for me to finally try out my new heart shaped paddle. That cute little sweet punisher could really dominate some lucky guy’s ass. I wondered if the guy who was at the door would bend over and completely submit to the cruel whims of Miss Sadie

When I looked through the peephole, I saw a puny-looking dweeb of a man with slicked-back hair. I rolled my eyes but opened the door anyway. The guy’s eyes almost popped out of his head as they nervously swept up and down my tall, gorgeous form. I imagined my heart shaped paddle dominating his ass. “What do you want?” I asked. “H-hello Miss Sadie,” he stammered. “May I come in?” 

“Who are you?” I asked. “My name is William. I’m your neighbor!” he said. Then, a smile briefly flickered across his face, before I cut him down with a look that could wither the youngest spring flower. “And what, exactly, are you doing here, William?” I asked. “I was hoping we could get to know each other?” he asked, sheepishly. “Fine,” I said, “Follow me.”

The Bedroom Dungeon and My Instruments of Torture

As I led him inside and upstairs, I gave him a stern look. My big red mouth widened into a sinister smile…I was seriously going to dominate his ass with my heart shaped paddle, and he was going to get to know the kinky bitch next door. When we got to the bedroom, I shoved him into the closet where I kept all my beautiful sex toys and naughty instruments of torture. I closed the door behind him and flipped on the light, a piercing red bulb. “Look up, William,” I called. “Tell me what you see hanging over your head.” “D-dildos?” he replied. “That’s right, William. I want you to pick out your favorite one,” I said and fingered my heart shaped paddle. “I am going to destroy his ass…”

The Punishment

As William emerged from the closet, I could see him holding out a big, black 10-inch dildo. I smiled. “Get face down on the bed,” I said, and he obeyed. The poor boy had no idea what he was in for. First, I scratched my long red nails down his back. He shuddered. Then, I picked up my heart shaped paddle and raised it high in the air. A sly grin spread across my face…

The air as I brought down my hand made an incredible whooshing sound as my beautiful heart shaped paddle landed on his ass. William yelped and almost leaped out of his skin. “Ha ha ha,” I laughed. “Did you like that, William?” I asked. “Yes, Miss Sadie,” he whispered. “Good,” I said. “I’m using my favorite little heart shaped paddle on you. It’s going to leave a nice red heart-shaped welt on your ass cheeks. You’ll be branded. Do you like that, William?” I asked. “Y- yes, Miss Sadie,” he sputtered.

I spanked him and flogged him until it was time for the big boy. Finally, I cooed: “William you’ve been so good. For all that punishment, you get a reward,” I teased. “Y-yes, Miss Sadie!” he almost choked out. The back of his neck was reddening and the poor boy was trembling like a little dog. “William I’m going to give you my big, black cock,” I said as I laughed diabolically.

His Reward

He lifted his ass up like an obedient little puppy. I snickered to myself. My eyes fixed on his ass where a red welt rising where I had spanked him hard with my heart shaped paddle. I grabbed his hips and dove into that tight trembling asshole with my long, thick dildo. He shuddered and collapsed. I pounded and pounded and jackhammered his pale little ass. William’s body writhed and popped forward and I just banged him even harder, knowing how thoroughly I had dominated his ass with my cock and my cute little heart shaped paddle…

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