Neighbors fuck. That’s just a fact of life in apartment living. Most of the time you will rarely hear them going at it, but there is always one person, or couple, who are way louder than the rest. If you’re lucky you live on the opposite side of-of the complex and you never have to deal with that. Well, some people feel that way at least. But, not me. I get very turned on by hearing other people fucking. Especially when I hear my neighbours fuck. Something about that shared bedroom wall.

A new couple recently moved into the empty apartment next door to me. They are what you would call a hot couple. Both have great bodies and dress really well. I am definitely attracted to them and the idea of hearing my new neighbors fuck through our shared bedroom wall was all I could think about when even I masturbated.

The first time I heard them was about a week after they moved in and seemed to get settled. At first, all I heard were muffled sounds. My heart leaped with excitement and my pussy flooded with my honey, instantly soaking my panties. Finally! I knew they’d fuck sooner or later. They got louder as time went on and I could make out the mans voice talking super dirty and nasty to the woman.

He was telling her to get on her knees and open her mouth. He told her to suck his dick and when he said it his voice was so sexy. Strong and dominant. Definitely commanding. She sounded like she was eating it up.

Her moans were loud and urgent. I could tell she was really enjoying having a mouth full of dick.


I couldn’t help myself and I began to masturbate. Sliding my hand down into my panties I found my swollen clit between my plump wet lips. Pressing my ear to the wall, I heard the man tell the woman the get up on her hands and knees. He said he wanted to see her pussy wide open and up high in the air. I began to rub my clit faster and harder.

I hope I can make myself cum at the same time they do. The thought of being a secret part of their sexual experience feels naughty and exciting. Which only gets me wetter and even more turned on. He was thrusting in and out of her with such force, I could hear their skin slapping together through the wall. He seemed to have the ability to fuck hard and fast, keeping it going for a very long time.

Just when I felt my orgasm building up I heard him shout “I’m gonna cum inside of you!” while the woman was moaning that she was gonna cum too. I felt myself cumming, my pussy muscles spasming inside of me, my womb clenching and releasing as the orgasm washed over me. I love hearing my new sexy neighbors fuck.

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