It’s always been my worst fear to be raped in the subway

I heard the loud hum of the subway approaching quickly. I always get so nervous when it’s this late at night and I’m alone. I’d just been at a party and may have had a bit too much to drink. I needed to get home! I’ve always heard the stories of girls that get raped or injured by crazy men, and I knew this couldn’t be me. I looked down the track in hopes of seeing the subway lights. Nothing.

I took a step back and collided with what I thought was a cement pillar. I turned quickly and found a man standing there. He looked like a normal, kind businessman getting ready to head home as well. That’s when the hammer he was holding hit me across the head. I blacked out and dropped to the floor quickly.

I could feel the cold ground against my back. The smell that was infecting my noise was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. It smelt damp and dirty. I was scared to open my eyes but decided I needed to. I slowly opened them, my head buzzing with alcohol and the soreness from the hammer. As soon as both my eyes were open I saw him standing there. He was just looking at me. There was no other expression on his face.

After a moment of watching each other, he walked over to me and knelt down by my feet. I started to pull my legs towards my body when he grabbed me by both ankles and ripped them towards himself. As he did that he pulled the rest of my body along the cold cement as well.

I gasped and started to get really scared.

He looked me over and then started to run his hands up my jean pant leg. I again gasped and tried to pull away from him. He pulled my leg back and then smashed the hammer across my left knee cap. I screamed out in pain and then started to cry from the pain. He pulled a pair of utility scissors from his bag and began cutting up my pant leg. I was too traumatized to move so I just laid back and waited. I knew what he wanted. So I was going to be raped by this man.

He had me naked very quickly. He sat back and admired my body again as he undid his own pants. As soon as he had his cock out he pushed up onto me, right between my legs. I closed my eyes tight and turned my head away from him. He kissed up my neck and then tried to get my mouth but I wouldn’t allow that. I felt his tiny dick push at my lip opening. Closed my eyes tighter as he thrust inside of me.

I closed my brain off and didn’t come back around until he was done. I grabbed my bag and extra pair of clothes and got dressed quickly. I’d just been raped. I started to cry and ran all the way home.

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