I never anticipated how much fun someone else being in control of my orgasms could be.

The art of tease and denial. My want and desire mixed with self control and mind over matter.  Knowing I want something so desperately, and the knowledge that it isn’t mine to have until he says it’s ok.  Deep down, I love that he is in control of my orgasms.

The start is always a little different.

Sometimes it’s a blindfold and having the words, “You know you aren’t allowed to cum, don’t you” growled into my ear. Others, it’s being laid back and brought to the brink, and when he knows I can’t hold on much longer, he tells me not to. No matter how we start though, the routine is the same. Control. Above all else, control.  Tease and denial, the most delicious torture.

There are times when I think I can sneak my orgasms by him. Thinking, “maybe I’ll just have a little one, he’ll never know”. I’m never alone in my head, he always seems to know and a firm but clear “Don’t you dare” is uttered. He will start at my lips. Kissing me breathless and sending my body on fire. Moving to my neck, his lips firm and insistent, and then him biting the curve where my neck and shoulder meets. That makes my knees weak, and my pussy clench and burn with desire. When he starts playing with my nipples, firm and erect, that’s when I have to start controlling my body. If I don’t, I will cum right then and there, with him never having touched my pussy.

That’s when the real fun begins. When he is in full control of my orgasms.

Mouth firmly clamped on my nipple, teasing, tasting, and fondling, his other hand will start to trail south. Sending shivers through my body as he trails his fingertips past my belly button. Further down to the outer lips of my pussy. Teasing me but not fully touching me, and lightly stroking my bare skin before he slides a finger inside of me. His deep throated chuckle when he feels how wet I am for him. That knowing sound a man makes when he knows exactly what he’s doing to your body.  He knows through tease and denial he’s driving you the best kind of crazy.

Even when he starts playing with my clit, his fingers spreading around my own juices, or his tongue adding to them, he is in full control of my orgasms. Even when I reach down, holding his head in place, and grind my pussy all over his mouth, I know when I need to stop or lose the battle completely. But it’s when he slides inside of me, his cock rock hard, taking me with purpose and he growls “Cum”, that’s when the flood gates open. I pant and let go, the sheer force of desire and fulfillment pulsing through me.

That’s when all of the build and denial is worth it. That is when my orgasms come fast and hard, the next one starting as the last fades. Squirting all over him, while he’s inside of me, spraying us both with my desire and passion.  Tease and denial keep me cumming back for more.  It’s even better than a Fucking Orgy Party .  You know you want Phone Sex …cum on and call me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke