I’ve had my eye on this guy who works at the hardware store for a while now. I don’t know much about him other than the fact that his name is Dave and he has a girlfriend. I recently re-painted my bedroom so made a few trips to the store for paint and brushes. He helped me and we flirted a bit but it didn’t go further than that. I liked him and he’s good looking so I took a chance and asked if he wanted to get a drink with me after work. That’s when I found out about the girlfriend. Trust me to end up with the one guy who doesn’t cheat. Poor thing didn’t know how persistent I can be when I want something.

I asked him when his shift ended. He hesitated, probably thinking about his girlfriend, so I leaned close and ran my fingers over his arm. I told him I was just curious but if it was such a big secret then he didn’t have to tell me. He laughed and said he got off at9pm. I went home and waited for his shift to end. I went back just before closing. There was a stack of pallets outside by the entrance so I hopped up on it and waited. I got a few looks as some guys left but I ignored them. They weren’t want I wanted right then. Finally Dave walked out and I got up. He asked what I was doing there and I told him that he was taking me home. He looked me over and knew I had something else in mind. He hesitated and I asked if he wanted me to walk home all alone at night. He caved and we got in his car.

    Before he started the engine I rubbed my hand up his thigh and told him how much I appreciated it. I noticed he was starting to get hard and I put my hand over his bulge. I squeezed and stroked him through the fabric. He moaned and pushed against my hand. I unzipped him and took his dick out. I wrapped my fingers around him and began to stroke him up and down. He leaned back as I stroked him faster. I felt him tense beneath my fingers and he started to cum. I kept stroking him until I got every drop of cum out of him.

When he was done he put himself away and drove me home. He had a smile on his face the entire way there. I gave him my number and told him to give me a call since it seemed like he was no longer in an exclusive relationship.




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