The tied up man that was chained to a bed in the Haunted House at the end of the Lane.

Do you remember the beginning when I found the tied up man?

Getting my clit sucked until it became a cock.  Remember the tied up man sucking on my new found cock making it all nice and hard?

The feeling of wanting to fuck him, my tied up man, is becoming overwhelming.  I climb in between his legs, take some pillows from the head of the bed and put them under his ass, to get him all propped up and ready to fuck.  I totally enjoy watching him as I spread lube all over my cock and it feels so good to stroke MY cock.

It’s a fantasy cum true; I’ve always wanted to know what it would feel like to have a cock.  I can’t help myself from rubbing our cocks together and bringing the head of mine down past those balls of his and rub the head all over his tight little ass hole.  And then I start to push it in his tight hole making it disappear inch by inch.  It feels so good burying my cock deeper and deeper.  I can feel him squeezing me as I start to fuck him harder and deeper.  An amazing feeling was coming over me; my cock was starting to twitch.  And getting real hard and getting ready to fill his ass full of cum.  I couldn’t wait to feel my load squirt.

Maybe I’ll pull out so I can watch the last squirt go all over his cock.  It would be great if we cum at the same time, I’d mix our cum together on my finger and bring it to the tied up man’s mouth and make him lick it off my finger.

I’m feeling another odd feeling between my legs.  When I look down, I notice my cock is shrinking back to being my clit again.

I wonder if that will ever happen again?

Stay tuned, because I will write about it.  That’s if it does happen again!

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