Harder daddy time to get your belt ready!

Harder daddy,spank me I have been a naughty little girl and I deserve to be bent over your knee.
The way it feels as you pull down my panties and bend me over. The way you place your big strong hand on my tight little ass and rub it just a little. Then you raise your hand up and then smack down on my cute little tight ass. Mmmm I love that feeling. You may not notice it but I get a little wetter with each smack. Then when I have been really bad you pull off your black leather belt and use it. I scream in my head Spank me Harder daddy.

I think you started noticing that the harder you spank me the wetter I get because now you Spank my ass Harder daddy and I love it. Love how red my ass gets when you are done. I go to the bathroom and I look in the mirror at my welted ass cheeks. I smile and think the next thing I can do to get punished by you.

So I just did something very naughty daddy and I am waiting for you to catch me. *Giggle I can’t wait for you to catch me.

My pretty little pussy gets wet with anticipation waiting and wanting for you to see what a very bad little girl I have been.

Awe yes finally you catch me right in the act and immediately you pull off your black leather belt. You grab me by the arm and pull down my little white cotton panties and bare my tight little ass to the world and bend me over kind of roughly and start to Spank my tight little ass and I can’t bare it anymore and I scream out Spank my ass Harder daddy…..

Wanna spank my tight little ass daddy and find out just what I did to be punished?

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