Hardcore Spanking Submission

Hardcore spanking submission is a secret turn-on for me.  Getting ready for an evening of dark pleasure I start to get excited at the thought of the coming hours.  Lighting candles I can feel my nipples start to tighten even before the clamps are on.  Standing in front of the mirror brushing my hair I run my hands down my body that is covered in black lace.  Smiling I turn around as I hear the bell ring.   Walking to the front door I know that tonight will be another great addition to my hardcore spanking submission lessons.  Of course, I can barely wait.

Pleasure is Just a Dial Away

As I open the door I feel my body begin to flush as your eyes take note of my barely covered flesh.  And, then you walk past me grabbing my hand as you walk to the bedroom.  Turning around as you reach the bed you sit down on the edge.  Leaning back you say, “Get naked now.”  Slowly stripping I see your cock start to grow in your tight jeans.  Once naked I get excited when you direct me to lay over your legs. Before I can though, you lift a hand to stop me.  Looking directly into my eyes my pulse quickens as I watch you undress.  My hardcore spanking submission master knows exactly how to drive me extra crazy.

What are You Waiting for?

Hanging over your legs I feel your hard cock pushing against my stomach.  Bracing myself as I feel your hand lightly stroking my ass.  SMACK!  Your large hand strikes my right cheek.  Hard.  I exhale loudly through my nose.  Purring with the beginnings of pleasure through the pain I push my hips forward and feel your hard cock touch the lips of my pussy.  My hardcore spanking submission master was getting as hot as his little slut.

Phone sex operator Surrenders To Your Pleasure

“That must have hurt, Chanel. Did you enjoy it? Do you like to be punished like this?” I look back over my shoulder to see your face filled with excitement and then look down at my ass.  My right cheek is bright red, and the shape of your hand is visible on my skin.  Of course, I begin to shake with heightened arousal.

“Is this what you want, pet? Do you enjoy those moments before the hand strikes, waiting helplessly for the impact to come,” He lifts his left hand from my behind, “is there a thrill of anticipation running through you right now…”

Chanel Can Be Your Bondage Sex Slave

 Pushing me off you I start to stand.  “Get on your knees in front of me.”  Kneeling between your spread legs I lower my eyes in respect.  You slide forward on the bed so that your hard flesh is pressed against my lips.  I open my mouth to take you in.  “Oh no, you haven’t earned that yet.”  Your words bring a groan of disappointment from me.  Your cock slides across my face as you stand up.

Hardcore Spanking Submission is My New Kink

Moving behind me I feel your hand wrap around my throat even as a groan erupts.  Of course, my heart rate jumps as you whisper in my ear, “Lean forward and put your hands behind your back.”  And, then I feel a rush of warm liquid fill my cunt as the cuffs are placed on slightly shaking wrists.  And, then grabbing my linked hands you force me to stand. Pushing me against one of the long posts on the canopy bed and I shudder in anticipation.  Of course, you know I’m well on my way to learning hardcore spanking submission like a pro.

I Tremble as I Lean Forward in Anticipation

“Does it turn you on to know that it’s coming, but there’s nothing you can do about it?”  And, then I feel your dark chuckle ripple through my nipples as you run the edge of the clamps back and forth over my breasts.  Of course, as you move me around to face you my pussy fills with juice.  Of course, my entire body is quivering.   I start to lift my eyes.  “Tsk, tsk you know better, pet.”  My eyes quickly move down in respect for the Master.  Hot hardcore spanking submission is the way he always shows who is the real Master.

Longing for the Rest of the Story of Hardcore Spanking Submission?

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