Hardcore Spanking & Soft Core Humiliation

Hardcore spanking erotic story continued. I tell my boyfriend how I got my marks!

“How did you get those marks, baby?” You ask again.

Through my smile, I start telling you the story of all the different marks on my cute, little ass. I point to the glistening red hand prints.

“I went to my friend’s house. We started horsing around and somehow I ended up over his knee. He pulled up my skirt and started spanking me.”

I point a little lower, closer to the backs of my thighs. Small bruises can be seen.

“After he used his hand,” I continue, “he took off his belt. I thought he was going to fuck me, but he started using his belt to spank me.”

Then I point a little higher. Close to the top of my ass, almost my lower back. There you can see some red streaks going horizontally.

“He decided to bend me over the coffee table,” I tell you and I can see how incredibly hard your cock is getting. I catch you touching yourself. “Yes, play with that cock babe. He bent me over the table and pulled a cane out from his closet and he used it on me.”

You continue to jerk your cock faster. Your hands keep running all over my firm ass. “You aren’t getting any tonight babe so I want you to cum for me.”

Your hands make their way between my legs. That’s when you feel something sticky under my panties. They’re soaking wet! And you can easily tell that it isn’t just my pussy juices that made my panties so wet.

“Did he fuck you?” You demand in a quiet, and meek voice.

I grin wider. “Oh yes, yes he did.”

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