Are You Ready for some Hardcore Sissy Training, my Little Sissy Wannabe?

Think you can keep up with me? Ready to dive into the deep end of one of my hardcore sex stories? More specifically, one of my hardcore sissy-training sex stories. Now I know what you’re thinking – She’s such a sweet and loving Mommy – there’s no way she can be an extreme Domme. One that relishes the dark side of phone sex. But the fact of the matter is, is that when the situation arises, I am one hardcore phone Domme. One that drools over the darkest, the most extreme, and the most intense subjects out there. Now, keeping that little tidbit in mind, do you still doubt that I can take you down a path to the most hardcore sissy training sessions there can be? How ‘bout we try a little kidnapping roleplay, mixed with a serious gang-raped fantasy?

Hmmm… How About This for a bit of Intense Training?

The day started out like a dream come true for you. First, I sat you down and let you know that I knew your heart’s desire. That you wanted – no, yearned – to be a sissy. Your smile was so big as we had our little chat. I knew you were born to be a sissy, and you were ecstatic to know that you were finally going to be who you truly were.

I informed you that we were going to have a “girl’s day out”. A shopping extravaganza complete with shopping and beauty treatments. Then I told you there was another aspect of your new life as a sissy that you would have to learn. That, as part of your indoctrination into your newly acquired sissy status, I’ve arranged to have you thrown into the deep end of the “sissy slut” pool, as it were.

In Your Wildest Dreams, You Couldn’t Fathom how “Hardcore” your Hardcore Sissy Training was Going to Be

You see, unbeknownst to you, your first true lesson would start after the shopping spree. It began with you being grabbed in a parking lot and thrown in the back of a van. That’s when you feel a blindfold cover your eyes and said van jerk into motion. At that same moment, you feel a mammoth-sized cock being shoved down your throat.

In a haze, you feel a stranger’s meaty fingers rip your new pink panties to shreds. Those same fingers are unceremoniously shoved deep inside your little virgin sissy pussy. You try and cry out in agony, but of course, you can’t. Not with your throat still being filled. The tears streak down your cheeks, as does your once impeccable makeup and mascara, leaving black paths in their wake, marking your panic.

Your mind is trying to process this turn of events of your hardcore sissy training

And then you hear my voice. It’s instructing your unknown assailant to plow into your sissy cunt hard, with the very fury of both heaven and hell. To just rip that bandage off my virgin pussy. And that my new sissy should be so raw that she’s on the rag for the next two weeks.

So many things go through your mind. One – why would your sweet and loving Mommy order this Neanderthal to lay waste to your virgin ass? And two – sheer unadulterated terror fills your very soul as you realize what is… and then before you can finish the thought, a searing white light of pain flashes across your inner eyes as you feel his cock plumage deep inside your tiny little virgin hole.  You realize that this is the beginning of your hardcore sissy training

It can’t possibly be a normal-sized cock, could it?  The pain is excruciating but to your utter shame, exquisite at the same time.  It burns as if a white-hot poker is violating your faggot hole and not his freakishly humongous cock. But to your utter shock, you realize that you want more. The inner sissy slut starts to emerge, to your absolute horror…


So, does my little sissy faggot training scenario leave you panting and make your little clitty twitch and tingle?  Did you salivate at the prospect of being used and abused in a taboo phone sex session of our very own?  Yeah, you know you did!


Give my phone sex number a jingle and give in to the dark side…

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Your Free Sex Story & Hardcore Sissy Training Guru,

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