As a hardcore Latina findom, I am very strict on my submissives. In fact, if you are not willing to follow my rules, you are not going to be my sub. Period! I don’t tolerate rule breakers.

In other areas of my life, I will tolerate that and punish you accordingly. However, in this area, it is all about toeing the line and being my bitch. My tributes and financial needs are extreme.

And, as my submissive, you are to meet those needs. I expect you to bring tributes and lots of money. If you are not in the position to do that, we cannot have a findom/sub relationship.

You are not meant to be with this hardcore Latina findom in that way.

Now, you can be my little bitch in other ways. I can be your domme and control you as a femdom which does not involve money. Just lots of humiliation and a bit of pain.

It is extremely intense and not for the faint of heart. Of course, my favorite guys are the findom subs that keep me living the life of luxury I desire and deserve.

Beautiful homes, fast cars, designer fashion and so much more. My sweet devoted subs keep me in those things. As a hardcore Latina findom, I have become accustomed to a certain way of life.

Honestly, I can’t imagine life any other way.

Of course, when I am angry, I take it out on my femdom submissives. Furthermore, they are the losers and little bitches that truly disappoint me. Often, I keep them in cock cages and make them do anything I want.

For instance, if I have a handsome male caller that likes a good cock sucking, I may make one of my subs service him while I watch. It is about humiliating the sub and pleasing my lover in new ways.

Using femdom pussy worship, I can get those losers and bitches to do anything. They are so weak and pathetic. Of course, my hardcore Latina findom submissives are weak too.

But, they are also wealthy and powerful men in the regular world.

I have to choose men that have enough money to support my lifestyle. That is why I have such strict rules for those submissives. If you think it is hard getting a loan with bad credit, you should try to go through my findom process.

This girl is not playing around. I make sure all my prospective findom applicants are fully vetted. Not just any man can be my submissive. I need to know you can afford me, baby!

This hardcore Latina findom diva lives a life of luxury and if you are helping pay for it, I need to know you won’t miss any of your payments. My expectations are high.

Of course, they have to be as a hardcore Latina findom!

I have to be careful. Men are shading and will try to convince me they can afford me. When I was new to this, I had a man lie to me and leave me dry. Shame on me for falling for that.

Never again. Now, I make sure everyone goes through vigorous checks so I know they have the necessary funding to be my sub. Once I know they can afford me, we can have our fun and hardcore Latina findom play.

I love teasing a good sub with my silk stockings and lingerie. Tease and denial with my expensive panties always drive men crazy. Sliding my silk stocking around their cock and balls will make them leak cum.

Are you ready for some hot phone sex? Call me now to play!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke