There are so many amazing men in the world and I love playing with as many as possible. Well, that is until I run into someone like you. At this point, there is no point in us doing anything that requires skin touching skin. For you, the only thing I have to offer is my Hardcore Grandma SPH.

For men like you, men cursed with tiny little peckers, there are very few options in the sexual realm. At least, in my opinion. I am sure there are women in the world that find tiny cocks have a purpose. For me, it is all about humiliation.

Spending my time helping you face the truth. That truth is harsh and unforgiving. I am not the creator of this truth, just the messenger. It is the same during my GILF Phone Sex calls.

I love providing all types of calls including my Hardcore Grandma SPH ones. 

If a gentleman calls and is honest about his tiny pecker, we get to the nitty-gritty of it on our call. Of course, not all my calls are hardcore and intense. Some of my calls are all about sharing the love. Just like being when I am being the Naughty GILF Next Door.

It is a joy to share all my amazing skills and sexual knowledge with others. Of course, many of my playmates have never experienced naughty fun like me. It is an absolute thrill providing them with my kinky kind of fun.

And, in the exact opposite way, I am doing the same for the SPH men.

For them, I am here to break them. To torture and destroy their souls. It is a heavy burden I happily carry. Oh, yes, I am not sorry. Truth is, I love to be mean to the tiny pecker club boys! You are pathetic. As I share with many of you, I consider you “misleaders” to the women of the world.

On the outside, you are handsome, together, sometimes wealthy, athletic, and more. All the things so many women are craving in their ideal partners. Of course, they are flocking to you in hoards. Dreaming of big weddings.

You off sex time and time again. Your excuse is waiting like a gentleman. Furthermore, using this reason is making you look even better in her eyes. Sadly, if she doesn’t find out in time, she is married to a tiny dick for the long haul.

Locked into a marriage with unsatisfying sex is horrible! 

Sure, you buy her everything she wants and you make sure you are providing for all her other needs. However, she is not going to have sexual satisfaction as long as she is with you. What other options are there for her?

Cuckold, oral sex, swinging, cheating, all options. Of course, these require a strong foundation in a marriage. A man must be able to watch his wife with another man. Are you able to do that?

Look, this is hardcore grandma SPH and you have an inadequate cock. It is my job to tell you that. You need to decide how you are making sure your wife is getting satisfied for the life of your marriage.

And, that isn’t going to be that itty bitty pecker between your legs!

So, what choice are you going with? Not sure? Call me and we can go over your options. BE prepared, I am intense and blatantly honest!