No Longer Denying Our Hardcore Dark Urges, We Will Feed Them… Together

Yes, it’s time. We’ve tried to deny them, you and I. To try and say that they aren’t truly there, riding us hard in our waking dreams. But we cannot deny ourselves our true calling any longer. We’ll not just consummate our primal and hardcore dark urges for a sweet captive, but embrace our perverse obsessions together. Oh yes, we will finally feed that depraved need. And in the center of it all, the precipice of our darkest desires lies our sweet captive.

I looked over at my sweet captive while thinking of all that I and my co-conspirator have planned for our sweet morsel. She was perfect. At the age that every mother cringes at – mouthy, defiant, and wanting to prove to everyone that she was a grown-up, just because her body had decided that it was time she had boobs.

I think back to how I lulled her into trusting me. In fact, it was quite easy to ingratiate me with her. All I really had to do was feed that needs of hers to be looked upon as an adult. A fellow “woman” to look at her as an equal. So, when I suggested a girls’ day out, full of makeup and hairdos and sexy lingerie, she nearly salivated, wanting to indulge in the things grown women do.

Little did she know that she was the target of our hardcore dark urges.

Not once did she think I was a threat. Of course, they never see a woman as a threat. That I had a partner, an accomplice, to such devious actions. That’s why I was the perfect person to tempt her into our grasp.

So being the little naive little thing that she was, she didn’t bat an eye when I nudged her into agreeing to keep it our little secret. I flippantly spouted that her mom might not be as progressive as she should be with her own daughter. I convinced her to spin a tale of her going with her friend and her family to spend a long weekend at their lake house. She grinned at my devious little plan. I knew the thought of deceiving her “clueless mother” would entice her even more.

You see, I’ve already done my homework. It seems that they’ve done so before, so it wouldn’t raise any flags. And by the time they realized she hadn’t gone with them? Well, by then, she would be nestled away in our little hideaway, where we will be able to sate our more…darker desires.

And as I maneuver our little morsel into place to sate our hardcore dark urges, I find at times I have to handle my fellow cohort as well.

Oh yes, my fellow deviant partner in crime. The one that shares my needs and darker impulses, including bondage. One that I can share and revel in our play toys. But my accomplice can get a bit impatient sometimes, getting both antsy and anxious. At times he doesn’t appreciate the intricacies of the hunt. Of not wanting to wait until everything was in place, as to spring our trap at just the right moment.

You see, my accomplice has such a voracious appetite for our sweet captives… and all those things we do to our kidnapped victims. I understand his needs because I have them as well. It’s a pity they don’t last long under our tutelage – but maybe this one will be different. Maybe this one will not only survive her little forced sexual encounter but embrace their new-found role as our plaything. One can only hope.

But he knows that to be able to take out sweet time with our sweet captive, things have to happen in a certain order. And he waits on pins and needles, like a child waiting for Christmas morn to arrive, to open our most recent treasure.

But it was well worth the wait. Today I bring her to him – to my fellow accomplice. And we get to play with our sweet captive together at last.

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Your Free Sex Story & Hardcore Dark Urges Guru,

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