Hardcore Anal pounding leaves me Cum filled and gaping!

Hardcore Anal pounding leaves me Cum filled and gaping! It was late at night… And I live out in the country. So This particular night… It was quiet and it seemed darker than usual. I was signing off from having all kinds of fun phone sex. I was cold so I went to bed… So I was in my tight black yoga leggings. Snuggling to my pillow I drifted off to sleep. So Suddenly I woke up to this loud crash! Banging sound coming from the other room… So At first… I thought it was my dog… That’s when I heard footsteps… By my bedroom door.

I started to scream… When a tall dark figure busted through my door. Trying to scramble to my feet… But I could not move… Because My feet were intertwined with the blankets. It kept me bound! Like it was rope. I started to scream… Hoping someone… So Anyone might hear me. By the time I got free of the blankets…  He was on me. His weight pressing me onto my stomach. I tried to crawl away from him. He put his muscular forearm against the upper part of my back… Pinning me.

The masked man felt like he weighed… The same as a house. My screams were being muffled… I felt like I could not breathe. So The panic began to set in! So My body was thrashing around. Trying to buck him off of me. So then All he did was laugh at me! Making me feel weak… And pathetic! I could feel his hands… All over my body… Groping me. All I could hear was the sound of cloth ripping. A rush of cold air… Rushing past my ass.

Hardcore Anal pounding leaves me Cum filled and gaping!

The sound of his zipper… Sounded loud in my ears. Suddenly I felt like I had strength again. I struggled, making him fight to hold my slender body. He shoved his massive… Thick cock deep into my ass! Spitting on my ass hole… So He continued to force himself inside of me! My screams of pain were… Being silenced by my pillow. He held me down… Like he was going to suffocate me. So Suddenly… My ass felt like it was getting ripped open! Because It felt like my ass was being fucked… By a massive roll of sandpaper.

It felt like the torture… That went on forever! So My throat felt raw! Like I was being stung! So Then I heard him grunt hard. He drove himself balls deep… Into my ass. Ripping it till he bottomed out inside of me. Squirts of hot cum started to fill my ass. His cock was pulsating… Deep inside of me… So It felt like forever… Before he was done fucking me. Buckets of cum… Began to puddling out off my ass. Because I was fucked so hard! I could not move… Or fight anymore. So He pulled up his pants. As he was about to walk through the door… he paused… And said… “thanks.”

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