Hard Abs, Big Guns & a Baby Dick. Gym Jerk Hits on me and gets Humiliated

The worst thing that happens to me at the gym is when some stupid muscle-bound dude decides to hit on me. I am all for hot stranger sex but if you are an asshole- I am not going there. Haha especially if you have a little baby dick.

This guy lifting weights in the other room is that kind of guy. I can hear him grunting and bragging about how much he can lift. I can see him coming toward the locker room, which passes where I am working out. Gross. I hope he just walks right past me. He is mocking the poor skinny kid that works at the gym. Fucker. I bet he has a Baby Dick. I am going to just keep working out. I’m running on the treadmill. Sweating and loving my hard, peaceful workout.

Ugh, I feel him eyeing me.

He struts up to me with some of his musclehead friends. “She is so fucking fine- I bet her pussy his tight. Is your pussy tight, Baby?” He shouts out to me. His friends are laughing, all looking at me like hungry dogs. I ignore him. The gym attendant tells him to chill out and to leave me alone. Musclehead tells him he better go to his office before he gets a beating. Fuck this. I think. “Hey hot stuff, come here,” I tell the bulky asshole.

He is laughing as he comes over to me. He comments to his friends. “See, she wants this”. “I bet your pussy is wet looking at these guns,” He says to me. He reaches to touch my shorts. “Let me see how wet that pussy is,” he says to me. “You want me bad, huh Slut.”

“First let me see your cock,” I say.

I can see his tiny itty bitty bulge. He is turning red. “Pull down your shorts. Let us all see what a pathetic loser you are.” Everyone at the gym was coming over to see me order the meathead to strip. “Do it!” His friends push him.

He finally sheepishly slides down his shorts revealing a little baby penis. I laugh at him and tell him to stroke his little dick to see how big it gets. He quietly strokes it, obeying me, and it gets hard, but it is still so small. The whole gym is watching as I humiliate him. “You will never get this warm tight pussy. Even if you were inside me, I wouldn’t even be able to feel that baby dick. Fucking loser.

I tell him to pull up his pants and put that little pecker away. I bet he goes home and jerks off to me making fun of his baby dick- and he will probably come back begging for more.

Do you like to be humiliated by a hot girl?