Happy Wife Happy Life

If I ever get married, it will have to be to a VERY understanding man.  I mean, being faithful is just plain boring! Maybe not so much an understanding man, as much as a man who will be my little bitch boy.  A man who will know his place in my life and be more than happy to go along with whatever makes me happy.  You know what they say, happy wife happy life.

I know I look sweet and innocent, but I have a craving for men.  I’ve got a craving for big cocks and hard fucks.  I also have a craving for a guy who will do what I say and be happy to take care of me and my lifestyle.  Wouldn’t you love to know your hot young wife is satisfied and fulfilled at all times, even if it isn’t by you?  Wouldn’t you want to know that you are the lucky man who gets to call her yours and lick her pussy clean after her lover has finished?

 Sure your cock can’t satisfy me, but at least your bank account can.

I would come in the door from a night out.  Dressed in your favorite dress and heels, my long nails and hair impeccable as always, and a big smile on my face.  I sit down next to you and scratch my nails on your neck.  You look down at my long legs and see fingertip marks, fresh and red.  I open my legs, panties long gone, and a fresh trickle of cum on my pussy lips.  You feel your cock swell as you lick your lips.  The way you clean my pussy is only one of the many things I love about you.  You spread my pussy lips open.

 You can tell I must have taken a real pounding by a big fucking cock.  My pussy lips are so puffy and swollen.  I grab you by your hair and force your face into my cunt.  I look down and smile as I tell you to enjoy your bedtime snack.

Phone Sex!