I Love my toes!

I did two good acts today. The first one is boring: I used public transportation to get to an appointment instead of driving. The second act: I made a middle-aged man happy with my toes and feet.

I like having the window seat and the only one left was at the back of the train. I headed straight for it, sat down and saw a man in his early 40’s sitting across from me. He was nothing special, average looking and wearing a suit. He smiled at me and I felt sorry for him. I doubt he gets a pretty young thing sitting across from him very often.  I looked out the window, enjoying the view but I kept feeling his eyes on me. He wasn’t even trying to be sly about it. A fellow exhibitionist like I was.

Wondering if he was as daring as I was I decided to see how far he would go.

I slipped my shoes off and put my feet in his lap. I rubbed them against him until I felt his dick stiffen. He looked at me and I nodded. He unzipped his pants and slipped his dick out through the opening.  My toes played with the head for a bit, making sure to press harder on his slit. I then cupped my feet around him and began to move up and down, slowly jerking him off. His fingers gripped his thighs as he bit his lip, trying to keep quiet. I moved faster, my feet gripping and sliding up and down his dick. He came with a silent shudder and cum splattered on my toes.

I slipped my shoes back on while everyone around us sat bored and unaware of what was happening near them.

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