Tease & Denial with Camille


This is how my tease & denial July 4th started.  So, the holidays are here. In my family that means I got all kinds a company over at my place. Used to be at my Mamma’s, but now I host. So anyway, everyone was bringing their friends and it was a real party. I like parties. Everyone is chilling, drinking and passing around blunts. That was till this one dude came up in my space and thought he was going to get him some. So fucking rude. I mean, I am next to a pool in a bikini, I already know I look good! However, My Mamma taught me not to be rude so I brought him in the house away from the rest of my company.

He slapped the hands of all of his boys as he walked in. Mother fucker though he really was going to get him some of this hot ebony phone sex pussy. Boy was he wrong. I got him in my room and humored him for a little bit. Sat him on my bed, started to untie the back of my bikini top. I thought the fly was going to bust on his desperate pants the way his mouth dropped. What did he think he was going to see when I took off my top.

I went over to the side of him and told him he ought to feel lucky to be next to a sexy bitch as hot as I was. Slowly I started to run my fingers up his thigh. He groaned out lightly as I started to get closer to his ear. My hands moved to his balls and I started to run my fingers over them slowly. I asked him if he wanted me, already knowing the answer. However,as he nodded his head slowly I taught him a little tease & denial lesson. I grabbed the little fuckers balls nice and hard to inflict a little pain. A warning. Then I whispered into his ear, “If you ever disrespect my Mamma by hollering at me at a family function I will really make you pay!” Then I left him there. Blue balls and all!

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Tease & Denial