Happy New Year!

Happy New Year To Roxy! And this girl is starting the new year off with a bang! I tried to be good New Years Eve but we all know something naughty was bound to go down. When you get hot men mixed with tasty drinks the kinky side emerges. One naughty touch always leads to a real good fucking.

That sexy silver mini dress was just too hot for anyone to ignore me in.  Topped off with the silkiest thigh high stockings and six inch silver heels, I looked like the goddess I am.  The only thing I had to pick out was what cock I wanted to feast on. Having my pick of all the men in the room, its was really hard just to pick one. So I decided to start with one and work my way down the line.

For once I was discreet picking out my flavor of the night. As I made my way through the room touching arms and kissing cheeks I spotted him toward the back of the room.  I hadn’t seen him walk in, but my body tingled as soon as I saw him.  Just like that, no one else mattered, I was drawn to him like a bug to a light at night.

And I wanted him to zap me with a big powerful load of cum.

Walking toward him I grabbed his hand and looked over my shoulder to make sure no one was watching.  We snuck to the back room and he stripped me down. All I really wanted was his big fat black dick. Yes I will admit it.  I’m a BBC lover. I want it, I need it, and I’ll do anything for it! But I can’t leave it hear for you to read. It’s best told on the phone while I’m dreaming of it again.

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